Sierra Leoneans Hail NP-SL Ltd for Effective Customer Care


    By Amin Kef Sesay

    In order to maximize objectivity, which is a fundamental attribute of this news medium, we decided to deploy our abled reporters in all the regions of the country to sound the views of people about the operations of the National Petroleum –Sierra Leone Limited. The outcome of that random survey, which captured a large percentage of the populace, was very amazing.

    Most of those engaged praised the company for its effectiveness with regards customer care. According to an employee of one of the commercial banks in the country, Abdul Sawaneh, “The Company truly deserves to be tagged as 1st For Customer Care simply because it has really proven that their customers do matter and so they are really doing everything humanely possible to optimize their utmost satisfaction.”

    He noted that the calibrated pumping machines which were installed at the company’s Filling Stations do pump the exact quantity of fuel that customers do request for and display the prices simultaneously. According to him such a transparent way of transacting business gives confidence to the company’s numerous customers that indeed they are doing business with a trusted partner. Abdul underscored that contrary to the suppositions that certain pump attendants are cunningly cheating purchasers of petrol and diesel he has proven beyond all reasonable doubts that such do not transpire. He argumentatively confirmed that there is no way that pump attendants could circumvent the system to clandestinely cheat customers simply because the calibrated machines are sophisticatedly programmed to exactly churn out what they are commanded to do.

    In Makeni most Kekeh riders commended NP-SL for making it possible to easily access petroleum products. They unanimously stated that the qualities of the company’s petroleum products are of high standard which they endorsed are good for their gadgets or machines. “At this point in time when things are economically tough we cannot afford to be regularly engaging mechanics to repair faults that are caused by bad petroleum products including the lubricants, petrol and diesel we buy,” Mohamed Fornah, a Kekeh rider stated adding that since he has been using petroleum products marketed by NP-SL he has long since not been experiencing major faults.

    One of them maintained that their main source of deriving income is from commercially transporting passengers from one location to another stressing that NP’s petroleum products are helping them greatly to maintain sustainability.

    When residents of Bo were engaged some of them heaped praises on NP-SL for introducing their Smart Card which could be used to procure petroleum products. They attested that with NP Smart Card they can procure fuel within record time further stating that it enhances their personal security and prevent them from being cheated by fraudulent hired drivers because what is pumped is debited from the Smart Card and what remains is clearly shown when the card is slotted into any of the calibrated pumping machines. One of them revealed that most Executive officials and business people are now using NP Smart Card.

    At Wellington, Mammy Fatu, a house wife intimated that she has been using NP Gas for the past two years now. She explained that she never regretted securing one as it is quick in terms of performance, is environmental friendly and non-hazardous compared to using charcoal or wood and very economical with regards consuming gas which can be procured at the company’s Filling Stations and above all is very portable.  She suggested that the company should really advertise it so that many will come to know about its effectiveness and usefulness.

    The Chief Fire Officer of the National Fire Force told our reporters that NP is the power house that powers power. He was dilating on the water facility that NP-SL facilitated to be built for them at their Kissy Branch. He averred that what the company did for them with regards providing them the water facility from which they could easily source water to extinguish fire incidents is helping them greatly in their work.

    “I want to tell you guys that there are companies and other institutions that are capable of doing the same but they are not doing so. I really have great respect for NP-SL for utilizing millions of Leones to avail us with such an important facility which is a true manifestation that they are really committed to rolling out their Corporate Social Responsibility,” he expressed gratitude.

    In Kenema, Dr. Mansaray noted that one striking thing he greatly admires NP SL for is its strict adherence to rolling out the country’s Local Content Policy. He said the posture of the shareholders of the company to have in its employ 100% of Sierra Leoneans is highly commendable stressing how it clearly portrays that the company is really indigenous. “Considering the high level of poverty in the country for a company like NP to be offering jobs to qualified Sierra Leoneans is highly commendable as such puts individuals at vantage positions to take care of basic responsibilities,” he highlighted.

    A Civil Society Activist in Kono said the company has made many Sierra Leoneans very proud especially when cognisance is taken of the fact that it has successfully opened branches in neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia which are all vibrantly functioning. He argued that it is not easy to see such an accomplishment by other business entities claiming that indeed it is a true testament that Sierra Leoneans can accomplish big things if they selflessly work towards achieving such.

    From all what was gathered it could be safely concluded that NP-Sierra Leone Limited is indeed a great business establishment that is commendably contributing to the socio-economic progression of nations where it is vibrantly operating. The company is really satisfying the petroleum needs of all and sundry.


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