Sierra Rutile Prioritizes Local Content

As Mano Mining Gets Mining Operation Contract…

A new development in the mining sector took place in the Conference Hall of the Sierra Rutile Limited Company in Moyamba District on the 17th May, 2023 as the company signed a One Hundred Million mining contract with Mano Mining Company.

Theuns De Bruyn, Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Rutile Limited disclosed how they have been engaged on in-source mining but decided to out-source that activity a year ago to an international company.

He highlighted that this is the first time they have awarded such a contract to a 100% owned Sierra Leonean company in the history of their operations in Rutile further expressing optimism that the Mano Mining Company will enhance safety standards for workers and cause no destruction to the community during the course of their operations requesting for Government’s support  to prove to the shareholders that Sierra Leone is a safe jurisdiction for business as they embark on their new projects in Sembehun.

The CEO noted that the project will give competitive value to the Mano Mining Company within and outside Sierra Leone.

On his part, the Mining Manager of Sierra Rutile, Kenelm Walter Hughes, stated that Sierra Rutile Limited contracted 50% of its core body to Mano Mining Company, revealing that the bidding process for the contract was competitive as Mano Mining competed with four other companies but came out successful.

“In awarding the contract, we looked at experience, equipment and the capability which deals with safety. We hope that Mano Mining will meet its target year by year till the three year ends,” he explained and expressed hope.

He added that part of the evaluation has to do with local content and 99% of what Mano Mining submitted has to do with local content.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mano Mining Company, Ibrahim Mansaray, underscored that the mining agreement between them and Sierra Rutile Limited will create at least 250 direct jobs for a start.

“We have been mining in Sierra Leone for about 60 to 70 years, this the first time a mining company has given such a huge responsibility to a Sierra Leonean-owned company,” he stated.

He maintained that the decision taken by Sierra Rutile  Limited is not new as they (Sierra Rutile Limited) have employed many Sierra Leoneans in their top management.

According to him, it is not surprising that Sierra Rutile has been taking the lead when it comes to embracing Local Content, adding that the decision taken by the company to award them the contract shows that from the level of a very big job to a small one, they have considered Sierra Leoneans.

He committed that they will ensure that Sierra Leoneans are trained in order to capacitate them with the required skills to gain employment in the company stressing that they will preference to women.

Speaking to the press, Pastor Francis Rogers, Chairman of the Community Development Agreement, said that the agreement is unprecedented in the history of mining activities in his community.

He assured both Sierra Rutile Limited and Mano Mining of his community’s commitment to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, disclosing that the company has been helping his community and many students have been awarded scholarships.

He said that the community people are pleased with the said agreement because it will promote the local content policy within the mining sector.

He thanked Sierra Rutile Limited for awarding the contract to a local company noting that this will promote peace among the community residents.


  1. Good Sierra Rutile main plant site Sierra Leone
    I am Henry madiyai from moriba town , I am looking for job , I have take my wassce with good grades in your community , but nor money to further my education in the university


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