SiLCHA Celebrates China At 70 With Massive Donations in Sierra Leone


By Joenal Sesay

Sierra-Leone China Friendship Association (SiLCHA) and Atlantic Lumley Hotel joined the People’s Republic of China in their 70th anniversary celebration by donating to the less privileged children’s in Freetown.

The donation took place on the 1st October 2019 at different places including the Maria’s Primary School Grafton where the main event took place. The donated items include bags, pencils, books and cake, food and drink.

On October 1, 1949, after a long and arduous struggle, the Chinese people, under the staunch leadership of the Communist Party of China, founded the People’s Republic of China.

SiLCHA Chairperson, Mrs. Onike King said among other things that SiLCHA endeavors to foster unity and exchange of values between Sierra-Leone and China, aiming at bridging the gap and standing together.

She described the day as one of their aim of coming together to strengthen the ties between Sierra Leone and China as the two countries are friends and together they could be able to do a lot of things.

Atlantic Lumley Hotel Human Resource Manager, Lonnel Saied Kargbo pointed out that the Hotel was there to celebrate with the kids as the occasion is very special.

He went on to say that their presence was to compliment the effort of SiLCHA and they are giving back as part of their Cooperate Social Responsibility.

He continued to say on behalf of the hotel, they want the audience to enjoy the taste of the hotel as some will not have the privilege to go to Atlantic Hotel but the hotel has met them  to have the taste of what they are doing.

Lgo Lau of Global Groups of Company expressed joy to be with the kids to celebrate such wonderful occasion.

He explained that October 1st in China they share cake to celebrate with the entire world.

He pointed out that Global Group of Company has been in existence in Sierra Leone for 10 years as the relationship they have with Sierra Leone is very good. He also said the Company has good times with Maria the Founder of SiLCHA. He expressed hope that all the children’s will be successful in their studies to bring transformation in Sierra Leone.

The Head Teacher of Maria Primary School expressed joy and happiness for such day. She said since she started managing the school years back Maria has been assisting them.

She encouraged her guests to keep on visiting the school as that will help ease their depression.

SiLCHA Publicity Secretary, Ibrahim Bangura said since 1949 to date marks China 70 years and they are celebrating with them as the day mean transformation and development.

He continued to say what China has gone through from where they were to where they are in terms of economic development, education, technology and innovation among others is very great.

“We are here to support the school as part of the celebration as the organization representing the two countries and the world.”

He appealed for more support to the school and prayed that Sierra Leone can celebrate such with a good history of where she came from.

SiLCHA founded in 2017 has it motto “Uniting Lions and Dragons” and the Association is a dream derived by Mariatu Kargbo, (Maria), a philanthropist, artist and Sierra Leone Cultural Ambassador to China.

Statements were also made by Daniel Moore of Ben TV UK and Africa Calabash Magazine and Abibatu Kamara CEO of Abitus Orphanage.


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