Sir J. Support Dong Hole Cleaning Exercise   


By Fatmata Jengbe

Lamin A. Kamara aka Sir J., one of Sierra Leone’s finest young philanthropic has continued his developmental oriented drive by supporting cleaning exercises in Dong Hole community.

The steps leading to the footpath bridge of Dong Hole along the Congo Bridge was constructed by CSE in that slim community. The road leading to the bridge was blocked by huge garbage preventing pedestrians from getting easy access to the bridge and their community.

Sir J’s timely intervention to support the youths to clean that area was highly welcomed. The community people described him as a true patriot.

According to Lamin A. Kamara aka Sir J. environmental issues should concern everybody.

He said if the environment is clean, people will be free from many diseases. He added that the community people were suffering as they can’t get easy access to their homes especially pregnant women and children.

He promised to do his best for that community and to support their clean environmental drive.

This is not the first venture undertaken by Sir J. He has been working with different communities ranging from road construction, to bridges and health centre and youth empowerment.

Foday Conteh, a youth leader, in that community described Sir J. as a true nationalist that does not work on sentiment or along regional lines but one that cuts across.

He encouraged Sir J to continue his good work as people desperately need help.



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