SL Brewery/HAF Launch New Water & Sanitation Projects Worth Over Le1.8 Billion

For Wellington & Calaba Town Communities…

SL Brewery/HAF Launch New Water & Sanitation Projects
SL Brewery/HAF Launch New Water & Sanitation Projects

By Amin Kef-Ranger

With support from the Heineken Africa Foundation, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) has on the 22nd July, 2022 launched two new community development projects that will benefit residents of Wellington and Calaba Town respectively. The two projects to be implemented, which falls under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility are ; WASH Project for Calaba town community worth €70,585 and Gravity Water Supply system project for the people of Wellington worth €89,589.5.

Those in attendance,  during a brief ceremony that was held at the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited in  Wellington, were the Managing Director of the company-Laurent Bukasa , the Corporate Affairs Manager of the company- Foday Daboh, the Communications Manager-Unisa Conteh, the Legal Officer-Melisa Sesay, the Member of Parliament of Constituency 115 (Wellington) -Hon. Alpha Bah, the Member of Parliament of Constituency 114- Unpha Koroma, Councillors, constituents from the two communities and members of the Fourth Estate.

In his capacity as Chairman of the occasion, the Corporate Affairs Manager of SLBL, Foday Daboh welcomed all present furthering how the main purpose of the meeting is to do a symbolic launching of the two projects. He intimated that some time in the past residents from the two communities approached the company and kindly requested assistance for the provision of certain facilities which they were constrained with.

Foday continued that as a caring company, after listening to their requests they then decided to forward them to the Heineken Africa Foundation (HAF) also divulging how the latter gave approval of two and agreed to fund the implementation of the projects.

“HAF decided to support the WASH Project for the Calaba Town community with the sum of  €70,585 and the Wellington Community Gravity Water Supply System Project with the sum of €89,589.5,” he disclosed, information that was followed by a round of applauses.

Foday Daboh also disclosed that over 22,000 people will benefit from the Calaba Town WASH Project and 23,000 residents including women and children from the Gravity Water Supply System Project.

In his statement, the Managing Director of SLBL, Laurent Bukasa, said as a company they believe in having a better world where everyone enjoys a peaceful life. He underscored that without water there will be no existence maintaining that water is life but clean water is health.

The Managing Director added that residents must ensure that the Projects are completed within record time also appealing to residents to take ownership of the Projects, and monitor their progress but cautioned that such should be done responsibly.

A symbolic presentation of the two cheques to both Members of Parliament was then done.

Hon. Alpha Bah informed the audience that this will be the first mega project that he will be monitoring to ensure that they get value for money. He disclosed how he first knew about gravity water during a launching programme he attended. The Member of Parliament said everyone should clearly know that the money for the project is not meant for sharing and appealed for all to get onboard and monitor its implementation.

Hon. Unpha Koroma extended gratitude to HAF and SLBL for their intervention. He disclosed that they have been lobbying for the project for quite some time until they were finally approved adding that the facilities that will be provided are what the people want adding that it is a blessing. He assured of monitoring the project. “It will benefit us living as well as posterity,” he said adding how they are looking forward to the implementation of more projects.

Councillor Lamin Kamara of Ward 409, within Constituency 115, said he feels delighted for the implementation of the Project in their midst. He extended thanks and appreciation to Hon Alpha Bah for his relentless efforts in deepening development within his constituency and to the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited for rolling out the project maintaining that it will benefit a lot of people.

He assured of monitoring the progress of the implementation of the Project and appealed to all to do the same.

On his part, Councillor Lucky M Mansaray stated that he is very pleased with the good work that SLBL has been doing referencing how the company facilitated the construction of a modernized Health Centre adding that the relationship between the company and residents is symbiotic. He extended gratitude for what the company had done and what it intends doing that will positively impact lives.

Councillor Lucky mentioned that with the completion of the Project such will ease the constraints residents are facing to fetch clean water. He also assured of monitoring the construction work.

Councillor Mary Kamara from Calaba Town revealed that some time ago when a needs assessment was conducted most of the residents identified clean water as a felt need adding that when she heard that the company will facilitate a project to provide clean water she was glad.

“My Constituency and Ward falls within one of the slum communities in Freetown and plays host to people from other communities that are engaged in business activities,” she pointed out adding how accessing WASH facilities has been a big challenge stating that there are some people who openly defecate on the rivers.

“The project will drastically reduce pollution,” she expressed optimism extending thanks to the Heineken Africa Foundation for providing the funds. She said the community residents will value the Project as it is a felt need.

Councillor Arthur Sheki Mansaray of Ward 403 said the project is indeed what residents want adding that it will benefit them greatly promising to monitor its progress.

Giving assurance of excellently implementing the projects, the Chief Executive Officer of CADA-Sierra Leone, Denis Jusu, said as the contractor it is not the first time to implement projects of similar nature.

He stated how he has worked with the company in the past adding that the two pending projects they will be implementing are the least projects they will be undertaking as they have done big ones in the past.

Denis Jusu said because of their good track record that was why they won the project and promised of doing a thorough job.

The vote of thanks was done by the Communications Manager of SLBL, Unisa Conteh.








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