SLCB Promotes Naasu Fofana’s Book: ‘Leave it to Naasu’


By Amin Kef Sesay

Away from its usual corporate social responsibility practice of sponsoring education, health, sports, entertainment and other socioeconomic and cultural activities that benefits communities that they operate in, and the nation at large, Management and staff of the nation’s leading bank, the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank on Tuesday November 3rd 2020, gave feminist writer Naasu Genevieve Fofanah a helping hand to spread her book Leave it to Naasu: How to take charge and go for what you want to SLCB staff, with promise to have them stocked in school libraries where SLCB has operations.

Feminist writer Naasu Genevieve Fofanah

Naasu G. Fofanah is a gender and global public policy expert. She is the Deputy Leader of the Unity Party Sierra Leone and Board Chairperson of the Sierra Leone Rugby Union. Naasu was Special Gender Adviser to the erstwhile President of Sierra Leone and former Vice Chair of the UNECA Bureau on Women and Development. She is an award winning women and girls rights advocate.

Reviews of Naasu’s book have been heartwarming since it was published by Amazon in July 2020.

One reads: Loved how real and thus insightful Naasu’s story was – felt like I was reading the story of my mum and the many other powerfully authentic women around me. No fanfare – Just the story of a real woman – her upbringing, trials, challenges, laughter, strength, industriousness, professionalism, and beautiful character. It is a very relatable and engaging read.

Another reads: A good read about someone who at a very young age knew the value of education and was determined to excel. She wasn’t going to allow obstacles in her way to stop her from achieving her goals. By facing the challenges in her life, she was able to make some meaningful life changing decisions. With her experience, she is reaching out to others.

Another reads: I love the fighting spirit of the Author. She is an inspiration to all women who have been faced with trials – A role model to emulate.

Another reads: I found this book a total page-turner! – And so boldly honest. From a turbulent childhood in rural Sierra Leone, suffering loss and rape by trusted men, to business success and academia in London, to gender advisor to the President, and much, much more. This is a gripping and eye-opening account of Naasu’s life so far – she’s only 50 now, so I’m looking forward to the next installment… My favourite bits were the way she dealt with seemingly impossible work situations at the UN and in Government in Sierra Leone – just incredible to manage to maintain professionalism and integrity, in the face of such treatment. Everyone working in international development and every Sierra Leonean should read this book. If in doubt about paying for this book, remember that ALL PROCEEDS go towards a project supporting rape victims and survivors in Sierra Leone.

Another reads: This is a remarkable and open account (though diplomatic where it matters) of a remarkable life, flagging up the obstacles faced by the author in her rise from a small African village to studying in London and New York, working for the UN and as an advisor to a President, while raising a daughter as a single mum, and campaigning about rape. The sometimes chilling insights into the way politicians and civil servants can operate show how great a need there is for more open, ethical, and inclusive government. Ms Fofanah’s resilience is inspiring, and we await the next volume – it is bound to be remarkable too. I recommend this book.



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