SLENABU Assures of Availability of Bread Flour, Insists Price Per Bag Remains Same

By Abubakarr Harding

In Press Release dated 21st April, 2023 and issued by the Management of the Sierra Leone National Bakers Union (SLENABU) it was categorically stated that Management wishes to inform all bakers and the general public that bread flour is now abundantly available in town.

It went further to point out that the all-important commodity has been recently short in the market for about two (2) weeks causing serious scarcity in bread availability adding that as a result, some people took advantage of the situation and were selling a bag of flour above Le 1,000 (New Leones), equivalent to Le1, 000,000 (Old Leones), which they highly condemned and can never condone.

SLENABU says it wishes to express regrets for the effects of the shortage and expresses its empathy to bakers, business owners and consumers underscoring how subsequently its Management has engaged the key importer of bread flour, BSB International in order to contain the problem.

It continued how the BSB international has promised to offload large quantities of bread flour every week saying it will also like to reiterate that the whole sale price of bread flour still remains Le750 (New Leones), equivalent to Le 750,000  (Old Leones) per bag.

Management ended up calling on all business owners to refrain from selling flour at exorbitant amounts saying failure to adhere to that would result to serious legal consequences.


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