SLP Secures 100,000 Bags of Rice to Offset Backlog

SLP Secures 100,000 Bags of Rice to Offset Backlog

By Alhaji Turay

Police Officers throughout the country recently heaved sighs of relief as it became certain that they will begin to receive their regular quota of rice, which is one bag per officer , out of over 100,000 bags of rice secured by the Force to offset a ten-month backlog of supplies.

The supplies were made possible through the support of rice contractor Ahmed Yashim aka VIP.

It must be noted that for the past ten months now the Police have been struggling to receive their usual monthly bags of rice. However, for now that has been settled under the leadership of the new Inspector General of Police IG Fayia Sellu.

With the great help of a business contractor Ahmed Yashim, IG Fayia Sellu has ensured that each officer in the country receives six bags of rice at a go in an effort to offset the backlog of ten bags of rice.

From what this medium learnt most Police Officers were extremely happy over this development.

They are also pleading with the IG and the philanthropist contractor to always consider their plight as many of them have extended families to look after.

Some of them went on to say that with their monthly bags of rice they would be able to run the homes smoothly further extending gratitude to IG Fayia Sellu and the contractor Ahmed Yashim for the timely intervention.


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