SLRSA Unveils Upgraded Motor Vehicle Number Plates


By Amin Kef Sesay

On September 7, 2020 the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) launched the upgraded Motor Vehicle number plates at the Authority’s headquarters Kissy Road, Freetown.

This latest development, it has been deemed, is in Line with the digitalization of the operations and services of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA).

The upgrade of the features of the motor vehicle number plates was part of the strides of the Executive Director and his Deputy to digitalize the services of the Authority for better performance.

Launching the upgraded vehicle number plates, the Executive Director, Ibrahim Sannoh informed the gathering that the upgrade of the motor vehicle number plates is in line with President Bio’s digitalization agenda for all Ministries, Department, and Agencies.

He said the new upgrade was part of efforts to put to an end the production of fake vehicle number plates which for a very long time was a national security concern.

“There had been frequent cases Police Stations and Courts for fake vehicle number plates but with this landmark development this sad chapter in the Road Transport Sector would be a thing of the past,” the Executive Director said.

Dilating on  the New Tech for the formal launching, the System Admin of the Management Information System of the SLRSA, Adisa Dosunmu disclosed that the upgraded vehicle number plates had three unique features, a QR bar Code, seal of the SLRSA and the coat of arms of the republic of Sierra Leone. The system admin furthered that the Authority had purchased android devices that would scan the QR bar Code on the vehicle number plates which would provide the details of the plates and the vehicle it was registered with.

According to Adisa Dosunmu, this new technology would enhance the Authority to eliminate fake motor vehicle number plates and prevent the transfer of vehicle number plates from one vehicle to another.

The SLRSA pursuant to the Road Traffic Act of 2007 has three contractors that are producing motor vehicle number plates; Bilhaq Trading and Construction System, Sara Trading Company and the International Associated Services ECOWAS License Plates (IAS).

Speaking on behalf of the three number plate companies Sheik A. Fofanah the CEO of the Bilhaq Trading and Construction Company said, the new upgrade came at a time when the Executive Director and his Deputy were poised to transform the SLRSA to a digitalized Authority where service delivery could be efficient and effective.

Sheik Fofanah went on to say that, the new features on the number plates were the first in the West frican sub region and that vehicles from Sierra Leone could now travel free within the sub-region without hindrance. The Bilhaq Boss revealed that other countries within the West African sub-region had expressed admiration for the new features of the Sierra Leone motor vehicle plates and had initiated processes to emulate the Sierra Leone initiative.

The Bilhaq Boss pointed out that the new upgrade was holistically done by local Sierra Leonean companies, something he commended the Executive Director and His Deputy for believing in the local content policy of the country. Mr. Fofanah committed the supports of the companies to the mission and vision of the Authority assuring to work with the West African Standard in producing a more securitize motor vehicle number plates.

The symbolic launching of the new upgraded motor vehicle number plates climaxed the landmark event. The Executive Director was quick to note that the new upgrade in the vehicle number plates had attracted no new cost and that the printing cost remains the same.

The Launching of the upgraded vehicle number plates was the second landmark event in less than a month. The Authority recently launched E-Fitness, a technological way to improve the work of vehicle examiners. Work is also at an advanced stage for the launching of the first biometric driver’s license in Sierra Leone.


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