Social Safety Net and Youth Employment Project Receives ICT Equipment Boost

The Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment Project, led by the Minister of Youth, is a pivotal step toward enhancing social safety nets and creating income-generating opportunities for targeted beneficiaries. This initiative aims to combat poverty and unemployment by supporting vulnerable individuals and fostering entrepreneurial ventures among the youth. A significant development emerged when the Minister received ICT equipment for the Project, further elevating its efficacy and impact.

The project’s primary goal is to enhance access to social safety nets for beneficiaries, offering cash transfers to vulnerable individuals and households. The success of this endeavor is gauged by the timely disbursement of these transfers within 90 calendar days of the Government’s request, ensuring efficient delivery under the Economic Inclusion subcomponent.

An emphasis on gender equality and youth empowerment underscores the project’s ethos. It prioritizes supporting female-led extreme-poor household enterprises, fostering economic autonomy and sustainability among women. Similarly, the initiative focuses on empowering youth-led enterprises to boost productivity and create enduring employment opportunities.

Success metrics encompass evaluating the establishment of operational enterprises by beneficiaries at least six months post-program completion. This metric signifies the efficacy of the Economic Inclusion package in supporting extreme-poor household enterprises and youth-led businesses, contributing to poverty reduction and sustained economic growth.

The recent acquisition of ICT equipment by the Minister of Youth from the NaCSA bolsters the project’s implementation and monitoring capabilities. These technological assets streamline data management, beneficiary monitoring, and overall project progress. Enabling real-time information exchange, improved coordination, and evidence-based decision-making, the ICT equipment amplifies project efficiency.

The Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment Project, supported by the Minister of Youth, plays a pivotal role in enhancing social safety nets and income opportunities in Sierra Leone. By focusing on vulnerable groups, empowering women and youth, and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship, the project serves as a catalyst for poverty reduction and economic advancement.

With unwavering commitment and continued support, this initiative holds the potential to transform beneficiaries’ lives and steer Sierra Leone towards a prosperous future.



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