Sorie Bangura been threaten and Intimidated for choosing Christianity over Primitive Secrete Societies

Sorie Bangura.jpg
Sorie Bangura, few days before he disappeared

By Karifa Thoronka

Obviously, secret societies would lose their reason for existence if secrecy were ever entirely abandoned, whiles Christianity deals with an open secret, which is the Holy Bible. Sorie Bangura being the first son of the eldest Sister of Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen, the II of Marampa Chiefdom use to be the traditional doorkeeper of his Uncle during secret society gatherings, a role and responsibility for which he had consistently received grooming by many elders in various secret societies events.

Speaking with of the close family member of Sorie Bangura he noted by saying that life was peaceful and comfortable for Sorie before he decided to join Christianity in Lunsar at the Roman Catholic Church in February 2021, maintaining that the entire society members in that part of the Country were not happy with his decision. He further by saying that since that day the head of the Poro Secrete Society Pa Santigie Koroma gave a statement of threats to kill Sorie Bangura for abandoning the tradition for Christianity after knowing all the secrets.

Nevertheless, secret societies with political interest have cropped up periodically in Sierra Leone that politicians see it as a no go area whenever intimidation and harassments reports given by someone concerning the secret societies in the Country.

Until press time the way about of Sorie Bangura is yet to be confirm by his family, whiles the society members are still searching for him.


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