Stakeholders meet to Deepen PPP for TVET

On 7th March 2019 mainstream institutions that are significantly related to the development of a public-private partnership framework for Technical Vocational Education Training TVET met with consultants of Lattanzio KIBS and National Youth Commission to validate findings from a consultative engagement.

The framework according to the team lead Dr. Andrew Simmons is to “identify gaps, issues evolving from the process and explore various approaches” for the development of public-private partnership in TVET in Sierra Leone.

NAYCOM’s Commissioner, Ngolo Katta ,said “there is no way the Government can employ the entire youth population which is about 42%,” adding that the National Youth Commission will invoke provisions in the National Youth Commission’s Act of 2009 for private institutions to employ young people.

The framework examined other working documents from other countries.

Among key recommendations made by participants at the workshop were; review of the PPP policy framework on skills, create a basket fund for the TVET, to construct a state of the earth TVET center for skills training and to organize TVET week attracting all TVET trained graduates.

Lattanzio KIBS is the consultant for the National Youth Commission’s ADB funded Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Project benefitting 2000 young people in three key areas—skills development for employment, career guidance and job readiness and graduate entrepreneurship programme.


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