Stats SL’s Deputy SG, Lansana .K. Kanneh, Supervises CHESS Survey Training in Karene

Deputy Statistician General of Stats SL, Lansana Kpewolo Kanneh, on Saturday, March 9, 2024 undertook a visit to Kamakwie, Karene District, to supervise the ongoing training of enumerators and supervisors for the Comprehensive Health and Epidemiological Surveillance System (CHESS) survey. The training sessions were held at the King’s Palace, Growth Center, and Galaxy Halls in Kamakwie.

He journeyed from Freetown to Karene to observe the training of field staff participating in the CHESS survey, a cutting-edge population surveillance initiative aimed at delivering timely and high-quality data on disease-specific morbidity, pathogen-specific morbidity, and cause-specific mortality.

During his visits to the training venues, the Deputy Statistician General expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved thus far and commended the participants for their engagement and grasp of the material. He emphasized the importance of attention to detail in data collection and reiterated Stats SL’s unwavering commitment to producing credible and reliable data for national decision-making processes.

The Deputy Statistician General urged the field staff to fully engage in the training process to acquire the necessary skills for effective data collection, emphasizing the pivotal role their efforts would play in achieving the objectives of the CHESS survey.

In addition to monitoring the training sessions, Lansana Kpewolo Kanneh  held discussions with key stakeholders, including Karene District Council Chairman Abdul Kandeh and members of the media, to address misinformation regarding the recruitment of field staff. He clarified the rigorous selection process undertaken by Stats SL and garnered support from stakeholders for the survey process.

The Stats SL number two man’s visit not only bolstered confidence in the survey process within Karene District but also underscored Stats SL’s dedication to excellence in data collection and analysis.

Simultaneously, a similar training was conducted in Pujehun district, another CHESS survey site, which was overseen by Stats SL Council Chairman, Moses Williams, and Council Representative for the North-West Region, Alhaji Yillah. They provided encouragement to trainees and assessed progress in the district, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to producing credible data for the CHESS survey.


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