Sulaiman Bangura Wins Orange Le75m Grand Prize

Yulisa Ahmadu and Kindo Armani doing the draw

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The end of year Orange draw came to an end on Saturday with Sulaiman Bangura winning the grand prize of Le75 million.

Receiving the call on Saturday, Sulaiman said he was an Orange Agent and that was the first time he has won such prize. “I am very excited and happy to have been lucky enough to have won the grand prize as I have always loyal to Orange. That call on Saturday changed my life for good and I want to thank Orange for organizing this end of year draw. “

Sulaiman said he has been told that the Le75 million is worth of goods rather than cash as Orange wants to create more business men. He said he will make sure that his agency grew bigger and will do other business to expand his scope.

On the last draw on Saturday, 20 people were also winners winning one million Leones each. 18 subscribers and two Orange money winners made up the 20 winners.

Yulisa Ahmadu who in collaboration with comedian Kindo Armani said they were happy to have organized the draw as over 300 subscribers were able to win prizes and appeal to all subscribers tot continue to use Orange because it is the best mobile with quality network and affordable services.

He said those that have won will understand that Orange always do what they say. “As we start another year, we want to promise all our customers that our services will expand and more goodies will be unveiled for all. We continue to work in the interest of our subscribers and the country, because Orange mobile is the best.”


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