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By Amin Kef Sesay

This medium was reliably informed that the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is now all set to enter into 2020 with a renewed vigour very much determined than ever before to continue providing its numerous customers with the best of petroleum products and ready to encourage others to come on board assuring them of getting quality for their money’s worth. Indeed, it was not an easy ride for the company in 2019 but the fact of the matter is that with dogged commitment and proactive team work it was able to make invaluable inroads on various fronts.

However, the company is still grappling with challenges that have to do with timely access of foreign exchange earnings which it uses to purchase petroleum and other products that it imports and markets. Besides, the company could be on a sound footing if all loans owed it by both public and private institutions are settled. Like all public enterprises, continual survival largely depends on the expansion of its capital base in order to attain the financial muscle to embark on any expansionist move and making use of latest technological devices or systems.

Having become a household name in this country and even beyond for the company’s positive contributions towards overall nation building and in improving standards of living of the vast majority, NP-SL has long gained widespread recognition. That recognition is well established to such an extent that it was nominated as one of the best indigenous companies for the 2019 AWOL National Achievements Awards slated to take place on the 29th December 2019 at the Bintumani International Conference Centre.

It could be recalled that NP-SL Ltd was the proud recipient of the 2018 AWOL Award which was no mean feat but was well deserved as many convincingly voted for the company.

When our team went out to conduct a vox-pop, what came out glaringly was that it seems as if NP is the much talked about nominee in the category of ‘best indigenous company that many are predicting will emerge victorious. According to what was also learnt people are voting for the company by sending IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell. As the situation now stands there is no more sitting on the fence but to come on live and vote NP-SL.

It is on record that the company is 1st for Customer Care as its shareholders and Management are really mindful of the fact that they are there because of their customers which is why in all what they do the customer’s reaction is what matters. Giving utmost satisfaction in terms of making available high grade petroleum products, ensuring that they are readily available, sold at affordable prices and easily accessible have been some of the ways through which satisfaction are given to its customers.

In order to instil confidence among those it is doing business with, the company installed at its major Filling Stations calibrated pumping machines which are very accurate with regards measurement of the amount of fuel put in for by any customer. This transparent manner in which transactions are conducted has paved the way of wooing new customers on board.

For many, the National Petroleum –Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has been considered to be a big blessing to this country in terms of its unwavering commitment and pro-active stance in always ensuring that members of the general public have easy and ready access to qualitative petroleum products that the company imports and markets.

It is amongst the most successful privately owned and operated business entities this country can boast of that have withstand varying external shocks, within and without, but admirably is steadfast in its service delivery.

A 100% indigenously owned and operated company, SL has over the years, successfully extended its operations country-wide and even beyond to the West African Sub-region in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is doing extremely well with regards service  delivery, rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, availing job opportunities, offering new products among a host of other things that it is churning out.

Very mindful that without their cherished customers there will be no NP-SL, the shareholders and Management have made customer care a number one priority which is why the company is synonymous with 1st For Customer Care. With the conviction that every experience matters, the Management is very receptive to new initiatives, ideas, suggestions and concerns as long as they could help in shaping the policies that the company outlines from time to time that will be translated into tangibles on the ground.

In order to give maximum and optimal satisfaction to customers, NP-SL has always ensured that it operates in tandem with international standards and best practices so that after any service delivery customers get the good feeling that they have derived value for money.

Their attendants are well mannered, always courteous and ready to assist both old and new customers whenever they are in doubt of what to do. Most have tire repairing sections, shopping marts and relaxation points where they can spend time doing what they think is right to do. All these facilities are made available to make customers feel at home and be comfortable.

“I always carry my NP Smart Card with me just in case my car’s fuel gauge will show red and I may not exactly have the required amount of money to refill or even if I have it such could be for another purpose. With my card I can just breeze into any NP Filling Station and by using my card the attendant will pump the quantity of petrol I need,” Vidal Smith, an engineer intimated adding how the card’s security features are unique and could not be easily falsified.

“When I first heard of ‘Your fuel on Smart Card’ I thought it was a joke but only realized its efficacy when I started making use of it,” he furthered saying he is really finding it very convenient in doing so and as such prevent him from withdrawing big cash from his bank account for purchasing fuel adding how it as well help in also saving him time.

NP Gas is now the talk of the day as numerous individuals are everyday coming to the realization that it is very suitable for cooking purposes without posing any serious health risks. Manufactured in different cylinder sizes NP Gas is marketed at all the company’s filling stations and by authorized dealers going at affordable prices. Advantageously, NP Gas can be refilled with gas that the company imports and markets making them simple for customers to continue their use.

With regards rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, NP-SL Ltd is rated high as it has been contributing effectively in improving lives and communities. The company has been making meaningful interventions, meaningfully supporting entities , like it did lately to the National Fire Force by facilitating the construction of a water facility at the Force’s Kissy Branch, in order to capacitate it with water supply to respond to any fire emergency in that part of the country and in other areas within Greater Freetown.

These interventions, worth millions of Leones, are ways by which the company is magnanimously giving back to society. Lives have indeed changed for the better as a result of NP’s interventions.

Utilizing local skills and talents has been topmost in the agenda of discussions relating to national development. The argument for embracing the Local Content Policy borders around enhancing entrepreneurship, comparatively making use of less financial resources to pay for accomplished tasks and creating job opportunities thereby reducing poverty.

NP-SL has made it an established policy to give priority, in terms of employment, to Sierra Leoneans as long as they are in positions or competent to perform. The same is replicated everywhere the company is operating. Such an acclaimed stance is contributing greatly towards poverty reduction and improving lives.

NP-SL, many have confessed, is indeed a big blessing to Mama Salone and it is indeed really poised to continue to do more and more to foster socio-economic development.

It is now only a matter of time to see whether this year round NP-SL will emerge victorious as a proud Award recipient from AWOL. All you need to do now is to send IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell.





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