Sylvia Blyden Speaks Truth to Power

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Dr Sylvia Blyden stated on her Twitter Page on Sunday 16th October 2022 that she strongly criticized President Maada Bio for the silence of his Government over the claims of enforced seizure of corpses of civilians killed during and around the acts of TERROR of August 10th 2022. She especially highlighted the matter of Evangelist Samson and asked the Government to break its silence and talk to the people. According to her, indeed, few hours after her Twitter criticism, the Maada Bio Government broke its silence on the 17th October, 2022 and spoke to the nation.

She pointed out that contrary to the Umaru Fofana’s post, the Government has clearly stated the location of the burials in the Public Notice adding how the Government is also saying it is being done “in full collaboration” with the Families of the deceased.

Sylvia argued that if the families and next-of-kin of the deceased do not agree, then it is bizarre to seize the corpses but if the Families have agreed to the State-led, dignified burial, then that is fine. No wahala.

She, however, mentioned that the Government has conspicuously left out mention of Evangelist Samson who was not killed on August 10th but was killed several days after August 10th.

Stating her position for the records, Sylvia Blyden maintained that under the Law (both established international principles and local Sierra Leone Laws), no Government has the right to forcefully seize corpses unless it is under a State of Emergency or during War Time (like the war against Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden) or the dead person was convicted of a crime like Treason in a Court of Law.

She continued that arbitrary seizure of corpses based on so-called perceived security intelligence by the Government is BAD to ADVISE to the President – very bad legal advice.

“I place such advice in the same category of the NASTY and FALSE security intelligence that was given to President Bio against me in April 2020 which led to the most egregious abuse ever meted out to a Woman like me in our country,” she blasted.

She said in her opinion, which she is entitled to hold, H.E. President Dr. Julius Maada Bio is being set up by his Legal, Security and Intelligence Advisers to become recorded as a Serial Abuser of the Rights of his Citizens.

Sylvia underscored that his reputation is being trapped into a cul-de-sac that his reputation may not be able to reverse out of adding that the saddest part of it all is that the President is himself glibly walking into the traps – over and over and over again which is quite a pity.

She said she  honestly pities President Bio and  pray to God Almighty that if she ever becomes President of Sierra Leone, she don’t get the misfortune of having to place her confidence in such legal, security and intelligence Advisers of the kind that have been advising President Bio.






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