The African Child – Action Against Child Cruelty Organization Launched in Sierra Leone

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

In an endeavor to bolster the welfare of children and provide them with a safe and conducive environment for growth and learning, Alieu Mansaray, CEO of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC), has formally inaugurated The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC) organization in Sierra Leone. The launch event, which drew a significant attendance, took place on Friday, April 26th, 2024, at FAWE School on Fourth Street in Freetown.

In her welcome address, the Head Teacher of FAWE School, Alberta K. Sinnah expressed honor to host the formal inauguration of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC) organization in Sierra Leone.

She said they firmly believe that every child deserves a safe, nurturing, and conducive environment for their holistic development and TAC-ACC’s mission resonates profoundly with their school’s ethos.

Alberta K. Sinnah, on behalf of the school, extended heartfelt gratitude to the CEO of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC), Alieu Mansaray, for his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children.

“We eagerly anticipate collaborating with TAC-ACC to ensure the well-being and educational advancement of our students. Together, we pledge to uphold the rights and dignity of every child in our community,” the head teacher concluded.

In his speech, Alieu Mansaray, CEO of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC), delineated the organization’s mission to lead a transformative endeavor focused on enhancing children’s welfare in the country. Reflecting on his recent visit to Sierra Leone, he expressed concern witnessing children engaging in smoking and observed vulnerable children returning to the UK. These experiences prompted him to contemplate how he could extend assistance to children in Sierra Leone.

He emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration among parents, Government officials, community leaders, teachers and children themselves to establish a secure and nurturing environment conducive to the growth and educational development of all children in the nation.

Alieu Mansaray said that to achieve this goal the organization has outlined several projects geared towards empowering communities and fostering sustainable development which includes Youth Employment in Farming/Agriculture, Empowerment of Parents to Cultivate, Harvest, and Market Produce Nationally and Internationally (such as Palm Oil, Peanut Butter) with profits reinvested in schools, Installation of Drinking Water Wells, Promotion of Gardening for Export (including Potato Leaves, Cassava Leaves, etc.) and Fishery: Procurement and Preparation of Fish for Export.

Additionally, he proposed the establishment of Health Rehabilitation Centers and Zero-Kush Drugs Zones to address health and substance abuse challenges among children.

Emphasizing flexibility, he noted that the organization’s model is designed to adapt to various circumstances, ensuring effective intervention strategies.

Alieu Mansaray also announced that membership in TAC-ACC is open to all Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone, emphasizing inclusivity and community engagement in the fight against child cruelty, further reiterating commitment to combating child cruelty in Sierra Leone through strategic initiatives and community involvement.

He maintained that the organization is part of his effort towards giving back to Sierra Leone with a resolute commitment to combating the core issues of illiteracy and child welfare.

Alieu Mansaray laid out a multifaceted approach to tackle the myriad challenges faced by children in Sierra Leone. The initiative encompasses a range of interventions, including addressing the root causes of school dropouts, raising awareness about vocational training and higher education opportunities, and advocating for sponsorships to facilitate further studies, both domestically and overseas.

Moreover, the organization aims to establish networks to optimize educational attainment and skill development among children. Emphasizing the urgency of child protection, Mansaray called for robust policies to curb the sale of harmful substances to minors and to enforce minimum age limits for their consumption. Additionally, measures to combat child labor, enhance parental involvement in education, and safeguard children from abuse, bullying, slavery, and trafficking were highlighted.

He revealed that the initiative also seeks to empower children through education about their history and future prospects while ensuring access to reporting mechanisms for abuse in education, adding that a youth mobility scheme and the implementation of compulsory education for school-aged children are among the key strategies proposed.

In conclusion, he took the opportunity to inform the gathering that his organization has partner with Books Abroad a registered charity, which aspires to support education in developing countries worldwide by redistributing carefully chosen, second-hand books. This charity has generously donated books to TAC-ACC, which will be distributed to several schools in Sierra Leone as part of an initial phase.

He mentioned that they have already visited schools in the Western Area Rural and Urban regions to prepare them for receiving the donations.

Foday Mansaray, the Secretary General of TAC-ACC UK, extended gratitude to Alieu Mansaray, CEO of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC), for his dedication to societal betterment through the launch of the organization in Sierra Leone.

He encouraged everyone, including children, to seize the opportunities presented by TAC-ACC. Stressing the collective effort required to address child cruelty, he appealed to all sectors to collaborate with the organization in tackling this pressing issue.

Mansaray pledged his unwavering commitment and support to the cause of TAC-ACC.

In her keynote address, Anetta Browne-Marke commended the launch of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC) organization in Sierra Leone, noting its timely arrival in addressing the issue of child cruelty in the nation.

She emphasized the pressing concern of child cruelty and stressed the importance of the collective commitment under TAC-ACC to promote child welfare and safety, with a firm resolve to effect positive change.

Browne-Marke underscored the inherent value of every child as the future leaders of Sierra Leone, urging all to rally behind and support the efforts of The African Child-Action Against Child Cruelty (TAC-ACC) in tackling child cruelty in the country.

The launch of TAC-ACC’s operations in Sierra Leone marks a significant step towards addressing the pressing issues affecting children and education in the country. With a comprehensive approach encompassing advocacy, education, and support services, the organization aims to create a brighter future for the youth of Sierra Leone.


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