Third Xiangya Hospital & Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital Sign Partnership Agreement

In a significant stride towards bolstering medical cooperation, a Chinese hospital and the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital signed a pivotal agreement on Thursday, February 22, 2024. The signed pact at Jui, a suburban town near Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, aims to fortify ties between the healthcare sectors of the two nations.

The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, a renowned medical institution in Hunan Province, China, pledged extensive support to its Sierra Leonean counterpart, particularly focusing on enhancing nursing services. This collaboration marks a milestone in the enduring partnership between the Chinese hospital and healthcare facilities across Africa, with nearly 20 medical professionals having been dispatched to the continent over the years.

Yan Jin, Director of the Chinese hospital’s nursing department, highlighted their commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange by inviting personnel from the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital for specialized training, notably in managing the special care baby unit.

Sarah Conteh, President of the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital, expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from the Chinese medical community. She underscored the challenges faced by their special care baby unit and welcomed the opportunity for staff training and capacity building.

The Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital, serving as the base for Chinese medical teams, stands as one of the premier comprehensive healthcare facilities in Sierra Leone. This partnership signifies a concerted effort to address healthcare challenges and foster mutual learning and growth in medical practices between China and Sierra Leone.


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