Tourism Minister Breaks New Ground in USA & Ivory Coast

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Tourism and Culture - Madam Memunatu B. Pratt


Tourism Minister garnered SITA’s attention

The New York University has hosted Sierra Leone’s Minister of Tourism and Culture – Madam Memunatu B. Pratt to throw her experience and expertise on the topic: “Knowledge Sharing on Sustainable Tourism Development.

The New York University is a private research university originally founded in New York City but now with campuses and locations throughout the world.
It was founded in 1831.

The Minister of Tourism and Culture was invited to share knowledge on this topic, because this has been her drive since inception: that is sustainable Tourism development with an acute phase of Tourism Governance.

With other experts from the University on the panel, the Minister of Tourism shared her technical experience on the topic with both academic and practical approach on the topic.

Her main point of discussion was centred on: Using Tourism Governance to uplift Sustainable Tourism Development in countries around the world. She pinned point with her case study Sierra Leone, she was able to convey to the message of sustainability using the right Human knowledge capacity.

The Minister cited according to UNWTO: “Over the last decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and increased diversification, becoming one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. The business volume of tourism today equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, food products or automobiles, offering millions of direct entry points into the workforce, particularly for youth and women, and a diversity of investment opportunities for young entrepreneurial talents. Tourism has become one of the major sectors in international trade, at the same time representing one of the main income sources for many developing countries. It is their only service sector with recorded surpluses in trade compared to the rest of the world.”

Against this background she built her opinion that Tourism alone can suffice other sectors, only if countries can manage the challenges and activities of the modern trend.

In a similar but unconnected development, the Tourism Minister garnered SITA’s attention. The Sierra Leone Minister of Tourism stood out strongly among others, even though it’s the only English speaking destination but demonstrated visibility and proactive recognition of Sierra Leone and this restored dignity again in the Ivorian French speaking country. The Country’s attendance was timely and necessary for profiling and the rebranding process.

Foreign exhibitors were astonished by the level of attention given to Minister of Tourism and it’s delegation, during the event. The Ivorians were still considering Sierra Leone to be a war zone and insecure tourist destination, the Minister of Tourism was able to make a distinctive clarity to the visitors and in key investment meetings.

Also the Minister and senior officers that formed part of the delegation were part of the Tour De SITA organised solely for Sierra Leone for the Minister of Tourism, to ascertain first-hand facts and measure the weight of the event.

The enthusiastic Minister of tourism was energetic and poised to visit several booths within the trade ground.

The last day of the event brought more attention for meetings on many trending issues: like Investment in accommodation, Eco tourism and many more.


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