Two ISAT Personnel to Work alongside SLP ahead of June 24 Polls

Two newly transferred personnel of the International Security Advisory Team (ISAT) were welcomed by the Executive Management Board (EMB) of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), through the Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu on Wednesday 1st March 2023, in their usual meeting at Police Headquarters conference room . The transferred personnel are Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Wolfenden and Chris Weigold who has come to Sierra Leone from Britain to work along with the security sector, especially the SLP ahead of the June 24 polls.

Also, the EMB also bade farewell to the outgoing ISAT personnel, in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Rob Brown who demonstrated immense work output towards the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) during his tenure in Sierra Leone and the EMB hopes that his successors would emulate same.

AIG Mustapha Kamara and other EMB members lauded the coming of the newly transferred personnel and expressed their profound appreciations to the outgoing personnelย  for his enormous contributions, and wished him well in his endeavours.

The Inspector General of Police, ย William Fayia Sellu expressed his profound gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel Rob Browne for his enormous contributions and said he is looking forward to the new men to emulate same.

โ€œOn behalf of the SLP, I would want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the British High Commission and we remain gratefulโ€, IGP Sellu reaffirmed.

A gift of appreciation was given to Lieutenant Colonel Rob Browne as a sign of recognition for his tireless effort during his stay in Sierra Leone while a British Police whistle was given in return to the Inspector General of Police as an honour of recognition.

ISAT is a British team that seeks to augment and capacitate the security sector in Sierra Leone with a view to expanding on the work output of the Security Sector.

The two newly transferred personnel will be liaising with the security sector for the successful conduct of the upcoming multi-tier elections in the country.


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