U.S. Military Ends Critical Site & Asset Security Training for 80 RSLAF Soldiers 

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The United States Army Security Force Assistance Brigade has honored eighty (80) Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) soldiers ranging from Lance Corporals to Warrant Officers 1 on the 23rd February, 2024 in a commendable display of cooperation. Their recognition followed a successful completion of a rigorous three-week training program focused on Critical Site and Asset Security.

The Security Force Assistance Brigade, renowned for its specialized expertise, spearheaded the training initiative. Tasked with advising and assisting partner nations, the brigade aims to bolster their threat-response capabilities in alignment with democratic principles and human rights standards. By collaborating with the Security Force Assistance Brigade, RSLAF underscores its commitment to modernization and the professional advancement of its personnel.

The intensive training regimen aimed to fortify RSLAF’s defense technical prowess. Over the course of three weeks, participants delved into various facets of security operations, including perimeter patrolling, critical site and asset protection, and entrance and access control procedures. These sessions not only reinforced existing protocols within RSLAF but also introduced new techniques aimed at fostering growth and proficiency.

Beyond the acquisition of essential skills, the training fostered a dynamic environment for professional growth and knowledge exchange, benefiting both U.S. Army and RSLAF personnel.

This collaborative endeavor between the United States and Sierra Leone represents a significant milestone in bilateral relations. By bolstering Sierra Leone’s defensive capabilities, the partnership aims to instill professionalism, uphold human rights and reinforce democratic values within RSLAF. Furthermore, it is poised to contribute to regional security and stability.

The United States reaffirms its steadfast commitment to supporting Sierra Leone in its pursuit of democracy, health and prosperity. This partnership stands as a testament to the mutual benefits derived from fostering strong and enduring ties between nations.


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