UK Firm Honours Sierra Leonean CEO with “African Banker of the Year” Award

Reputation Poll International, a United Kingdom based reputation management firm that ranks banks and individuals working in the financial sector has recognized a Sierra Leonean banker as “African Banker of the Year” at this year’s Reputable Banks and Fintech Awards held at the House of Lords, Westminster, in the UK.

Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin, the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank was among a group of elite banking professionals who were finalists from a rigorous selection process carried out by a top-level team of finance and policy experts across the Globe. According to the organizers, Gilpin was recognized for his “significant positive impact on society, widespread influence and ability to inspire positive change on a global scale.”

In Sierra Leone, Walton Gilpin has become a household name, not just within the banking sector where he has been credited for championing the complete transformation of a major financial institution, but has been a vocal crusader for financial literacy and financial inclusion. Sparing his time to educate and motivate Sierra Leoneans through his television talk shows and motivational speaking sessions in schools and universities has made him a veritable servant of the State – spreading knowledge to impact the younger generation. Outside his banking profession, he has been a philanthropist working for the empowerment of women and girls through his GEED Foundation.

The 2023 Reputable Banks and Fintech Awards was preceded by a high-level conference of banking and finance experts where Gilpin impressed his peers on how traditional banks in Africa are embracing technology for enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency. In his presentation, the erudite banker made a clear cut distinction between what financial institutions seek to achieve in terms of coverage and the social and economic realities of most African economies. In Sierra Leone for instance, Gilpin said banks would have to readjust their operations with innovative digital strategies as a sure way of overcoming infrastructural challenges like inadequate mobile connectivity.


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