University of Sierra Leone Chancellor Launches MMTU’s Diamond Jubilee


Dr. James Sanpha Koroma, Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone and Chief Executive Officer of Union Trust Bank, officially initiated the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU) and the Fourth Solade Adams Public Lecture Series. The launch took place at the Great Hall of the Goderich Campus in Freetown on Thursday, November 30th, 2023, focusing on the theme: “Institutional Reform and Change Management at the Milton Margai Technical University: Challenges and Prospects.”

Dr. Emmanuel Giama, Special Adviser on Local Government at State House, served as the Guest Lecturer for the fourth Solade Adams Public Lectures. Adams, the first African and Sierra Leonean principal of MMTU, was hailed as a dynamic figure.

During his lecture, Dr. Giama reflected on the evolution of education, emphasizing the significance of institutional reforms and change management. He stressed the importance of human capital development and described education as a passport to the future, especially when it serves society’s needs. Commending MMTU for immortalizing Solade Adams, he urged for wider discussions on education, noting that education has evolved into an industry.

Dr. Giama highlighted the rigorous evaluations undertaken by institutions like the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and the Tertiary Education Commission, which certified MMTU’s transition to a Technical University. He discussed the changes, including the establishment of structures like the University Court and the shift in leadership from the President.

Addressing the challenges of change, he spoke about the demands for financial accountability, frustrations, and the potential prospects. He emphasized the University’s advancements, such as awarding degrees in technical/vocational education, admitting science students, and harmonizing lecturers’ salaries. He encouraged forming partnerships with domestic and international institutions.

Dr. Philip John Kanu, Vice Chancellor and Principal of MMTU, described the day as significant, marking the inauguration of the university’s 60th-anniversary celebrations with a series of activities.

Dr. Victor Kabia, Chancellor of MMTU, praised Solade Adams for his inspiration and commitment to improving academic performance. He highlighted the University’s aspirations for transformative students and its endeavor to secure additional financial support through an Endowment Fund.

Dr. James Sanpha Koroma, in his address, praised Sierra Leone’s educational system and pledged ongoing support to MMTU. Reflecting on his humble beginnings, he encouraged determination and self-belief, underscoring the importance of integrity and contributions beyond academia. He urged individuals to make a positive impact and wished all success in their pursuits.

The event featured pledges for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, alumni greetings, and a question-and-answer session, concluding with the Students’ Union President delivering the vote of thanks.


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