‘Unreleased Integrity Scorecard to create Political Shake-up…’ -Prince Jacob Macauley avers

    Prince Jacob Macauley

    By Amin Kef Sesay

    Two score cards assessing this New Direction Government came out respectively this year, the first on the 7th October 2019 by Economist Prince Jacob Macauley of Trust Alliance-Sierra Leone Limited and the second recently by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Both, it has been concluded, have brought hope to the people of this country.
    The assessments by the two separate entities show a Government that is on the right track to put this country on a better footing in order to attain great heights.

    As we go to Press there is a new Ministerial Integrity Score Card in the pipeline which will be made public soon but which this Press has been privy to, according to Jacob.

    He said though the various MDAs assessed are found to be working towards better things for this nation, the impending integrity scorecard tells a different story especially about those who are heading them.

    If what is contained in the Scorecard is anything to go by then President Bio will have his work cut out for him in his handling of those he entrusted authority in.

    That Integrity Score Card, according to Jacob, will hit at the bedrock of Government so much so that President Bio will be left with no other alternative but to undertake a shake-up in all MDAs concerned.

    “Many things are going to be exposed which definitely could trigger investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission,” Jacob assured.

    Readers are encouraged to stay tuned.


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