Urgent Action Needed to Combat Encroachment Disasters in Congo Town & Regent Village

Regent Village.jpg

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Office of the President, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of National Security, National Disaster Management Agency, Freetown City Council and Ministry of Lands must take note of the imminent danger posed by ongoing construction projects of a building that has infringed on Congo Town Bridge in the West End of Freetown and other structures at Regent Village that have blocked the water pathways causing destructive flooding whenever it rains heavily. These encroachment actions have the tendency of causing serious environmental disasters if not promptly addressed.

The Congo Town Bridge, known for its heavy water passage during the rainy season, faces a significant threat from an encroacher who is constructing a building that has the potential of leading to a disaster. The construction’s proximity to the bridge could disrupt the natural flow of water, potentially leading to severe flooding. Immediate action is needed to prevent this environmental hazard.

Regent Village is already experiencing the disastrous effects of recent torrential downpours. Extensive flooding has left homes submerged, with residents facing considerable losses. The community, frustrated and desperate, has reached out to this medium to draw attention to their plight and urge authorities for prompt intervention.

The flooding in Regent Village, which has caused extensive property damage, is largely due to the obstruction of natural water pathways. Unauthorized construction is blamed for blocking these routes, exacerbating the impact of heavy rainfall.

Mariatu Kamara, a long-time resident, highlighted the worsening floods over the past few years, with this year being the worst yet. She noted that the water had no escape route due to construction projects obstructing its natural flow, leading to the destruction of homes and possessions.

Abdulai Koroma, another affected resident, voiced his frustration, stating that they have lost furniture, important documents, and their children’s school materials. He emphasized that this disaster could have been avoided if there had been no indiscriminate building activities. He called on the authorities to ensure that water can flow freely in its usual channels.

Residents of both communities are calling for a coordinated response from all responsible agencies, emphasizing the need for proactive measures. This isn’t just about cleaning up after a flood; it’s about preventing such disasters in the future. The Government is urged to act swiftly and efficiently to avoid further loss of life and property.


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