US Peace Corps & Government Ministries Join Forces to Renew Partnership


The United States Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, in continuing its legacy of service, has on November 29,2023 in Freetown reaffirmed its commitment to collaboration by signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). These agreements signify a steadfast dedication to fostering partnerships that have spanned decades.

Since its inception in 1962, American Peace Corps Volunteers have been an integral part of Sierra Leone’s educational landscape. Teaching alongside local educators in mathematics, science, and literacy, the Volunteers have left an indelible mark across the country. Additionally, the Peace Corps has expanded its presence in the health sector since 2016, deploying Volunteers to clinics in tandem with community health workers across ten districts in Sierra Leone.

The Minister  of Basic and Senior Education, Conrad Sackey, warmly welcomed Natalie Gill-Mensah, the Peace Corps’ Country Director and Mohamed Dumbuya, Education Program Manager, to discuss the organization’s ongoing contributions.

Reflecting on his own experiences with the Peace Corps, Minister Sackey highlighted its positive impact from his early years at Albert Academy to a fellowship in the United States, where he visited the Peace Corps headquarters in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Health, Dr. Charles Senessie, Gill-Mensah and the Peace Corps Program Manager, Zainab Kamara, convened to sign the MOU.

Currently, twelve Peace Corps Volunteers are actively involved in clinics, providing crucial support in maternal child health, reproductive health education, and malaria prevention. The discussion emphasized the pivotal role played by this partnership, acknowledging the Ministry’s support as the Peace Corps continues to identify clinics for Volunteer service.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Gill-Mensah stated, “Peace Corps’ commitment to Sierra Leone and its people has a long-storied history, and I am thrilled and honored to continue this tradition by renewing our MOUs with the Ministries.”

These recent meetings and the signing of the MOUs underscore the enduring alliance between the United States Peace Corps and the Government of Sierra Leone, signaling a mutual intention to sustain this collaboration for years to come.


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