USL Court Approves Prof. Samai as VC&P, Dismissing Prof. Lawrence Kamara’s Recognition

By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a recent development, the Court of the University of Sierra Leone (USL), the institution’s highest administrative decision-making body, has reaffirmed its decision made on the 16th January 2024. The decision involved the approval and ratification of a Pro Vice-Chancellor for the University of Sierra Leone in compliance with Sections 8 and 9 of the Universities Act, 2021.

The University Court, during an “Extra-Ordinary meeting” on the 16th January 2024, officially approved and ratified Prof. Mohamed Samai, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), as the Pro Vice-Chancellor. In addition, an “Emergency Extra-Ordinary meeting” held on Wednesday, 24th January 2024, saw the Court reiterating and upholding its earlier decision.

The Court, as part of its decision, endorsed the existing procedure of rotating the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor among the constituent colleges: Fourah Bay College, the College of Medicine and Allied Sciences, and the Institute of Public Administration and Management.

It’s essential to note that the Court clarified that it does not recognize Prof. Joseph Aruna Lawrence Kamara as the “Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal” of USL.

The approval and ratification of Prof. Mohamed Samai as Pro Vice-Chancellor align with Section 9(1) of the Universities Act, 2021. Prof. Samai, who has been performing the duties of the Pro Vice-Chancellor since November 2022, is considered the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of USL in accordance with Section 8(5) of the Universities Act, 2021.

Both meetings of the University of Sierra Leone Court were conducted in the Committee Room of the “University House” at Fourah Bay College Campus, Mount Aureol, Freetown. The decision underscores the commitment of the University to follow due process and governance principles in its administrative appointments.


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