Deputy Justice Minister Unveils Justice Sector Reform and Investment Strategy

In a significant development aimed at improving access to justice in the country, the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Justice, Hon. Alpha Sesay, has unveiled the “Justice Sector Reform and Investment Strategy.” Speaking to a diverse group of Legal Aid Board staff, Hon. Sesay emphasized the boldness of this initiative.

This strategic plan, according to Hon. Sesay, will not only build upon the achievements in access to justice but also play a crucial role in the Government’s ‘Big Five Game-Changer’ agenda, which includes Feed Salone, Human Capital Development, Youth Employment Scheme, Catalyst for Democracy, Economic Productivity and National Security, Enhancing Public Service Architecture, Empowering Democracy, and National Development, as well as Technology and Infrastructure Initiative. The plan is poised to address various challenges, including resource constraints faced by justice sector institutions.

The Executive Director of the Legal Aid Board, Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles, also shared her perspective during the meeting. She pointed out that while the Board has accomplished much, it could have achieved even more if it had a sufficient number of lawyers, paralegals, and vehicles to support its mission.

During his visit to the Legal Aid Board’s headquarters, the Deputy Minister toured various offices, including the Programmes Department, where he had an opportunity to engage with staff. He also made a stop at the Rokel Commercial Bank outlet within the premises, where he spoke with bank personnel, learning about the procedures for opening and making payments into Child Maintenance Accounts. Additionally, he interacted with women who had come to the bank to collect their monthly Child Maintenance funds.

Hon. Alpha Sesay seized the occasion to observe an Inheritance Matter being mediated by the Board’s ADR Panel. The dispute involved a man and his stepmothers, and the Deputy Minister engaged with panel members, including the Consultant,  Francis Gabiddon, to gain insights into the mediation process, the determination of monthly Child Maintenance payments, and the enforcement of agreements made by the parties.

The Deputy Minister’s visit to the Legal Aid Board head office also turned into a heartwarming reunion, as he had the chance to reconnect with former colleagues from his time at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. This promising move towards justice reform is expected to have a far-reaching impact on access to justice and legal support for the people of Sierra Leone.


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