Vincent Sankoh’s life still under threat from Secret Society

Vincent Sankoh

By Thaimu Thullah

Reports from Western Urban Water Loo states that members of the Poro Secret Society are still in search of a youngman by the name of Vincent Sankoh Vincent  was some times in 2015 abducted and taken to a secret society Poro bush, where he was supposed to be forcefully initiated, in line with their tradition, as a replacement of his late father, Pa Adakalie Sankoh, as the Pa Rakkah (a very senior position within the Poro Secret Society).

Vincent and another friend are said to have set fire to the shrine, whilst preparations were being made for their initiation, and managed to escape through the bush,

This action prompted society members to pursue him. Sources say that Vincent managed to escape from his pursuers, and his whereabouts are yet unknown and it is said that if found he will be offered to the Gods to appease them for this rather sacrilegious act.

Investigations mounted by this medium has revealed that members of this secret society in Port Loko have on several occasions descended on the residence of Vincent’s Aunt in Waterloo, where he was said to have been living when his father died and had been issuing threats to her in a bid to get her to disclose his whereabouts. This was confirmed by residents around the home of his Aunt, Mammy Kadie Sankoh of 55 MaBurreh Road, WaterLoo.

According to the Aunt, members of the Poro Secret Society, headed by one Pa Alimamy Kamara, alias Pa Yamba, has been frequenting her house in search of Vincent, but to no avail. Other residents told this writer that they had witnessed the members exhibiting spiritual powers around the residence. It was also disclosed that this action by the society members have not been well received by these residents, as it is common knowledge that when they perform rituals, all those who are not members of the secret society should stay in doors, away from sight or will have themselves to blame for whatever that will befall them. This had further created panic among those residents, especially as the visits had been too frequent for their comfort.

Explaining to this writer, a terrified aunt, Mammy Kadie Sankoh, said that she does not know about the whereabouts of her nephew, and only knew that some time in 2015 Vincent had left for Port Loko in the company of a childhood friend, Sorie Bangura, who had invited him to attend a festive season show in Port Loko. It was disclosed that on his arrival there, he was abducted by the secret society members and taken to the society sacred bush for initiation.

When asked why the society would want to initiate Vincent? She stated that his father held a senior position in the Poro secret society and on his death, tradition demands that his son should take his seat, and this will include rigorous initiation rites. She furthered that Vincent had told her that he had been approached by members of the society after his father’s death to take his place and he had tactfully declined the offer, and was told that it is mandatory and he had no option. It is against this backdrop that Vincent had told her that he left Port Loko to come and stay with her in Waterloo.

Mammy Kadie Sankoh narrated that on Tuesday 27th October 2020, the poro society members of Port loko District, headed by Pa Alimamy Kamara, alias Pa Yamba, again, went descended on her residence at 55 MaBurreh Road, WaterLoo, in search of Vincent, On their arrival at the said resident on that fateful day, they openly began to perform society rituals, much to the fear of residents in the area, especially as they were exhibiting supernatural powers, and those who were not members of the Poro Secret Society were confined in their homes.

Mammy Kadie Sankoh (Vincent’s Aunt) further explained that: “These people swore to their Gods that they will continue to raid my residence in search of Vincent until he is found and taken to the society shrine in the bush for initiation”

Mammy Kaddie furthered that she begged the secret society members to discontinue their actions, because she has no knowledge of Vincent’s whereabouts and could not give them any information that will lead to his eventual discovery and apprehension.

However, those residents who were members, who opted to know the reason for the performance, relayed to this medium that the members had vowed to use all ways and means to get Vincent initiated into the Poro Society to replace his late father.

Our investigations undertaken in Port Loko, further revealed that Vincent was living with his parents and siblings in Port Loko, until when his father died of the deadly Ebola Outbreak in 2014. He then travelled to Waterloo and lived with his Aunt (Mammy Kadie Sankoh), but he was later approached by members of the Poro Secret Society, at the end of the outbreak, and told that he will have to replace his father as the Pa Rakkah, which meant that he will have to undergo some rigorous initiation rites in the society bush.

According to our source, the opportunity came when Vincent appeared with his friend in Port Loko during the festive show. He was abducted and taken to the society bush for initiation and there was information from some members of the society in the township that he had set fire to the society shrine and had absconded and is now wanted by the members of the society who are busy searching for him, and have vowed to continue their search until they capture him.

It was also understood that Vincent Mother died in the 2017 Mudslide that took away over 1000 lives and destroyed proprieties.

He further that Vincent is also had another case to answer at the magistrate Court in Freetown on Miscellaneous offences

The Poro secret society was a male cultural institution in Sierra Leone, which is considered as an integral part of Sierra Leonean culture. Almost 95% of authorities in both local and central governments are members and do not venture to discuss any issue bordering on the said society, especially as they are members.


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