VP Juldeh Jalloh becomes OBBA 16228 Inductee

Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh

As the Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA) celebrated 2019 turns 90 and the Bo School held their 113th anniversary celebration the Honourable Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, on Friday 19th April, 2019 was inducted as its newest member. The Vice President was inducted at the usual Speech Day and Prize Giving ceremony on Friday which marks the beginning of the OBBA annual celebrations with admission number 16228.
Vice President Jalloh in his acceptance speech felt very honoured to be adopted as a member of OBBA, describing the event as one of the finest in his lifetime. He maintained that OBBA celebration is always refreshing on Bo School campus, especially in Bo city which is considered as the center of gravity for “PAOPARISM.”
Dr. Jalloh said that the triple celebrations of OBBA, Bo School and the New Direction one year in Governance are relevant to the celebration of scholarship. He defines scholarship as an art of going to school. The Vice President explained that celebrating knowledge is necessary in order for society to function in a modern days. He added that celebrating character that defines leadership is very critical to shape our nation, the country and the future of mankind.
The OBBA at 90 celebrations was taking place at a unique time in the history of Sierra Leone under the New Direction Government which place emphasis on education, and has rolled out the Free Quality Education, the Hon. Vice President highlighted.
He informed the gathering on the payment of school fees for pupils in primary and secondary schools, and the provision of teaching and learning materials to over two million pupils in Sierra Leone. The Free Quality Education by the Government, according to Dr. Jalloh, is because the Government believes in human capital development which is critical to the future of Sierra Leone.
“Bo School like any other school will not be left out of the Free Quality Education Package of the New Direction,” the Vice President assured.
He reminded the pupils of the Bo School of being in a Great School, and expressed his like for the school motto “Manners Maketh Man.” He encouraged the pupils not to be in school only to acquire technical knowledge that will help them function in a modern society, but to acquire character as well. He cautioned the pupils to develop the right mannerism from school days. Dr. Jalloh promised to contribute hugely to the school and OBBA.


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