Watch Newspaper Managing Editor Forges Stronger Ties with Gambian Journalists

By Millicent Senava Mannah

In a proactive effort to enhance media collaboration, Kandeh Sesay, the Managing Editor and Publisher of the Watch Newspaper, recently engaged in productive discussions with members of the Guild of Newspaper Editors in The Gambia and the Gambian Press Union.

Sesay’s five-day working visit, spanning from January 8th to January 13th, 2024, aimed at fostering cooperation and mutual understanding among journalists in both Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

Expressing optimism about the potential benefits of this collaboration, Sesay emphasized the importance of creating learning platforms for journalists in both countries. He believes that such partnerships will facilitate experience-sharing and bring about mutual advantages, particularly for those in the print media sector.

He also highlighted the challenges faced by print media journalists, emphasizing the difficulty in accessing printing materials for newspaper production and the artificial scarcity exacerbating the situation.

“I am positive that The Gambia Press Union and the Sierra Leone Guild of Newspaper Editors will be a force to reckon with should they accept to work together,” said Sesay, emphasizing the potential mutual benefits of this collaboration, including enhanced business cooperation in acquiring print materials and equipment.

During his visit, the Managing Editor held discussions with key stakeholders, including the Gambia Press Union, as well as the Management and Staff of the Standard Newspaper and the Point Newspaper in Serrekunda, Ihe Gambia.

In his meeting with Modou S. Joof, the Secretary-General of GPU, Sesay learned about the successes and challenges facing the Gambian media. Joof highlighted the presence of restrictive laws that have not been repealed but commended the current Government for not incarcerating any journalist since assuming power. Joof also discussed the Gambia Press Union’s efforts in providing training for its members, particularly in fact-checking, misinformation and disinformation.

In another engagement, Kandeh Sesay spoke with Musa .S. Sheriff, the Managing Editor of the Voice Newspaper, who praised the initiative for fostering information sharing. Sheriff commended the Managing Editor of the Watch Newspaper for taking steps to cultivate mutual understanding between Gambian and Sierra Leonean journalists.

Sesay’s visit serves as a testament to the growing importance of international media cooperation and collaboration in addressing common challenges and promoting a more robust and united journalistic community.


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