West African Youth Network Launches “Education Magazine”

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

November 17 year is celebrated as International Student’s Day dedicated towards raising awareness on issues affecting students globally and find possible ways to eradicate them.

As part of their efforts in commemorating this year’s International Student’s Day in the country, the West African Youth Network in partnership with the Fourah Bay College Student’s Union Government and the Patriotic Advocacy Network on Wednesday 17th November, 2021 joined other countries to commemorate this year’s International Student’s Day on the theme: “Combating Corruption, Marginalization and Injustice in the Education System” by the official launching of its Education Magazine during an auspicious event held at the FBC Multipurpose Hall in Freetown.

Giving a brief background of the organization, the Administrative Secretary of the West African Youth Network, Ansu Koroma, stated that the organization is a youth led organization that was established in March 2001 as a direct response to the rise in violence, conflicts, continuous marginalization and exploitation of young people within the West Africa sub-region.

Noting that in a bid to mitigate some of the aforementioned challenging issues, there was a need to effectively mobilize the mass participation of young people to work constructively against the backdrop of building a culture of peace, enhancing human rights, governance and transparency in Africa.

“While serving as a primary catalyst for enhancing youth participation in all youth related issues, the institution has also been working effectively to promote the visibility of young people in Governance and policy formation processes and to support the empowerment and capacity building of these young people to be a meaningful citizens in our society,” Ansu Koroma disclosed.

The Administrative Secretary pointed out that since the establishment of the organization, they have continued to initiate and implement a number of projects in line with its mandate amidst all the challenges that were faced, but said however, despite all those challenges the organization has grown over the years and has captivated the attention of Government, regional organizations, Civil Society groups, the media and the donor community.

“Some of the major donor support that the institution has received so far are from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) and now the Civil Peace Service (CPS) Network, which is a German based organization working tirelessly to ensure that there is sustainable peace in the continent of Africa and the World at large.

In addition, he continued, the organization has strategic partnership with like-minded institutions and youth organizations including the Patriotic Advocacy Network (PAN-SL), the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), and Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth Affairs, National Youth Commission and a host of others.

Ansu Koroma stated that with such an amazing commitment over the years, he will like to use the opportunity, on behalf of the West Africa Youth Network to commend each and every young person including their direct partner, the Patriotic Advocacy Network (PAN-SL), who in diverse way has contributed greatly towards the accomplishment of the aims and objectives of their organization.

Giving an overview of the education project, the Deputy Executive Assistant of the West African Youth Network, Edwin Nyamoh, revealed how in 2018 the organization launched the Education Project, noting that prior to the launch of the project they conducted a research in order to unearth the reasons responsible for the decline in the educational system in the country.

Edwin Nyamoh maintained that during their findings one of the most prevalent issue that was re-echoed relating to the decline in the educational system was Corruption saying out of that they then decided to undertake an Education Project under the theme of: “Combating Corruption, Marginalization and Injustice in the Education System”.

He further disclosed that during the implementation of the project they used the opportunity to raise awareness on eradiating corruption within the educational system as such has affected the development of the country, adding that they are very proud to officially launch the :Education Magazine”.

Launching the Education Magazine, Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission Public Education and External Outreach Department, Patrick Sandi, commended the West African Youth Network for the launch of the Magazine expressing delight over the establishment of a working relationship between the organization and the ACC especially the Public Education and Eternal Outreach Department, adding that the launch has added another value to the work of the ACC in enhancing public education in schools.

On behalf of the commission he reaffirmed the Commission’s continuous support to the West Africa Youth Network.

Patrick Sandi used the opportunity to admonish young people present that the Commission is fully aware of the challenges faced by pupils in exposing teachers and Heads of Schools who are involved in corrupt educational activities, especially with a view to protect them, assuring pupils that the Commission will enhance their protection as pupils.


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