WHH Celebrates International SMEs Day

Mayor of Koidu City- Mathew Komba Sam (Left) presents certificate to SME Representative at the Faachima Hall in Koidu City.

By Tamba Borbor

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) have been celebrated by an International Non-Governmental Organization- Welthungerhilfe during the International SMEs Day on 27th June 2020  at the Faachima Hall in Koidu City.

In his keynote address, the Mayor of Koidu City- Mathew Komba Sam stated that SMEs are the engine that drives national development by providing jobs and capital into the economy.

“Our economy would collapse if we don’t treat SMEs with the requisite attention,” Mayor Sam noted. He acknowledged feeling inspired by the testimonies of heads of SMEs in Bo, Kenema and Makeni as they recounted their journey towards successful management of their respective businesses.

He stated that only SMEs that are qualified and committed to waste management would be selected under the WHH Improved Waste Management Project devoid of any political consideration or influence because “we want this project to succeed.”

Mayor Komba Sam urged representatives of SMEs present to ensure that they make Koidu proud if they are fortunate to be selected to undertake the challenge of managing waste in the municipality. Recounting how she became successful in her businesses, Lucinda Katta explained that she started from humble beginnings but persevered through the numerous challenges to ensure her dream becomes reality.

She urged prospective SMEs to be stubborn and patient to succeed in life.

Alhaji Yusuf Kallon, one of the Heads of SMEs brought in by WHH to help inspire those in Koidu also explained how he got into the business of waste management. He noted that there were huge challenges but surmounted them with dedication and perseverance.

Alhaji Kallon called on aspiring SMEs in Koidu City to be focused and committed to waste as a business if they want to be successful.

Pa Alimamy Samura, owner of a successful waste management and recycling business in Makeni observed that there is huge potential in waste management in Koidu and urged prospective SMEs to take fully advantage of the opportunity being provided by WHH to build their capacities to effectively and efficiently operate a waste management and recycling business.

The Administrative and Finance Officer of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)- Alusine Bangura underscored the importance of SMEs globally.

He says that job creation in every country is predominantly the business of SMEs around the world. “The waste management project of WHH complements Government’s holistic approach to national environmental management. When we have people managing waste as a business, it would be an effective way to controlling indiscriminate disposal of waste,” Bangura stated.

He admonished aspiring SMEs in Koidu to be devoted and committed to the sector they are venturing into in order to be successful at the end. Several wares made entirely of recycled plastic were displayed during the occasion produced by Madam Lucinda Katta’s waste Recycling SME in Bo.

The Mayor of Koidu City also presented certificates to SMEs who had earlier been trained in plastic waste recycling and production of bio-charcoal.



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