With 70% Completed & 30% Remaining… Sick Pikin Project Appeals for Le37M Support to Complete Medical Treatment

Sick Pikin Project,
Sick Pikin Project,

By Amin Kef-Ranger

Followers of The Calabash Newspaper would recall that last year this news medium drew the attention of the public to the sorry plight of a 16-year-old pupil, Momoh Kosboy Kamara, who is residing at Mange Bureh within the Port Loko District and appealed as well as sought for medical support from individuals and organizations.

Diagnosis revealed a medical condition known as MENINGOCELE which is a Posterior Heterogonous Swelling of the Occipital that caused his elongated head.

His condition was so disturbing and distressing for Momoh that he had to drop out of school as a result of the bullying he got from some of his friends and schoolmates.

Momoh’s parents, who are low-income earners and could not afford to foot his medical bills, brought him to Freetown to seek help.

The Sick Pikin Project, a humanitarian organization, responded to that appeal. It is an organization whose primary goal is to help sick children in Sierra Leone whose parents cannot afford to pay for their medical bills, stepped in to help Momoh.

“We tried to first examine his condition through the help of medical doctors here in Freetown before they told us that, his condition could be difficult to be operated on here in Sierra Leone, so he need to be taken out of Sierra Leone to another country where they do this kind of surgery,” Ishmail Alfred Charles, an official of the Sick Pikin Project informed.

He added that as they were working effortlessly and tirelessly to ensure that Momoh stays alive, they came in contact with Dr. Peter Bangura through the help of Sister Janet Musa.

“After a few days we had come across Dr. Bangura, he called to our attention that a team of Neurosurgeons called Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF), a Canadian medical health charity foundation that deals with brain and spine injuries, were coming to Sierra Leone from Liberia and that he would share with them the MRI and CT scans of Momoh,” Ishmail Alfred Charles furthered revealing that he profoundly did.  He said the team of Neurosurgeons then after looking at the Momoh’s case, accepted to do his surgery in Liberia at the John F Kennedy Hospital.

The official of the humanitarian entity disclosed how The Sick Pikin Project decided to loan funds from another child’s case who was due to leave Sierra Leone for India.

He said as urgent as the case was they had to take the loan and replace it later and so they did.

“We prepared all necessary paperwork for Momoh who was bound for Liberia. We accomplished our tasks and took Momoh to Liberia through the help of World Hope International and Dr. Bangura who was in Liberia to receive Momoh,” he stated.

Ishmail said Momoh got admitted to the John F Kennedy Hospital where he underwent clinical review and laboratory tests before he could be operated on.

“On Sunday 14 November 2021, Momoh Kosboy Kamara successfully completed his first set of surgery, and 70% of the swelling of his occipital was removed remaining 30%,” he continued adding that

as complex as his case is, Momoh’s hopes are on the verge of being restored and his dream to return to school is about to come true.

“We have done so much but not too much to reach the finish line. Momoh currently needs Le35, 000,000 to undergo the remaining 30% of the surgery,” he disclosed maintaining that as said in the local palace, “wusai wi don komot na dey far.”

He said certain people have all done tremendously well to ensure that Momoh gets back on his feet and returns to school but it’s not over yet as The Sick Pikin Project needs additional help to make that happen.

The Sick Pikin Project official, who is a lead campaigner for the organization, quoted Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

“Let us join hands as we have normally been doing, to help Momoh Kosboy Kamara,” he appealed maintaining that they believe individuals and organizations can make that happen.

Contact:  © Sick Pikin Project International, Tel: +23276722736 or +23276793010 Website: sickpikin.org

Sick Pikin Project,
Sick Pikin Project,



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