With Barely Weeks To Go… Anxiety Rises Among Housemates Salone

As the count down towards the close of the reality TV show begins, the House is becoming tenser and lots of gossiping going on. Often tempers flare up between the housemates as they fight tooth and nail to outsmart each other. Whilst trying to do so, they become agitated and confrontational, often requiring the intervention of the chief (the mystery voice).

This apparent dash for time, further makes the show more and more captivating, with the contestants attempting to act funnily, talk tough and appear sexy in a bid to woo more votes from the public. Exuding strong language, behaving humorously and displaying nudity are all part of the show. To release stress, the Housemates can be seen dancing to Sierra Leonean tunes, singing, cracking jokes and arguing. As it gets hotter, they are all appealing to their fans to vote for them. Even hotter is the activities away from the show. Supporters of various contestants are busy campaigning for votes in favor of their favorite housemates. This is done in the social media and in entertainment centres across the country. Conversations now are dominated by the Reality TV show. Members of the public are counting the days to the ultimate climax.

The live Reality Show, which is aired on AYV entertainment’s Channel 34 is indeed a novelty in this country for which the organizers, AYV Media Empire and Africell, have been widely hailed, as both continue to boost the entertainment industry.
What is uppermost in the minds of each of the Housemates is to ultimately emerge as the winner that will bag the Le100,000,000 that has been set aside as the star prize.

According to the organizers of the show, what is at the center of organizing the Reality TV Show is youth empowerment, providing a platform to showcase young people’s talents and at the same time give them the opportunity to acquire new skills like learning how to cook, socialize, how to play certain games, build confidence, how to comport themselves publicly and to speak fluently. They have been benefitting from interactions with officials of certain corporate entities, like Rokel Commercial Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank, Life By Design, who have been explaining to them how their institutions operate. They are also given motivational lectures.
It is yet not known whether the way the Housemates are catered for falls under empowerment because they are offered good food and drinks nurturing them well. It is factual that the Housemates are really enjoying sumptuous food,
AYV, under its charismatic Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Anthony Navo, has been at the very forefront of empowering young people and making them very productive and relevant in society. He has been doing so passionately and he is held in high esteem for championing that cause.
A good aspect of the Reality TV Show is that it has exposed all the participants and as viewers continue to follow it, there is the likelihood that in the future some of them will become Brand Ambassadors, artists or role models. As the Reality TV Show is climaxing, it is undoubtable that it will continue to be very enticing and lively.


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