Rutile Killing – Soja Kill Soja

Lance Corporal 18181476 Abdullah Jalloh of the Republic Of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, who is alleged to have shot his superior, Sergeant 18166763 Issa Kamara, at the Nitty Shipping Harbour, Vimetco at the Sierra Rutile axis, is presently at the Bo West Station helping the police in their investigations into the killing.
According to eye witness accounts, the incident happened at between 21.00 – 22.00 hours GMT on March 24th, 2019 at the Sierra Rutile axis. They intimated that the incident took place hours after an argument ensued between the suspect and the deceased over food.

According to police sources, the suspect in his voluntary cautioned statement, said he mistakenly touched the safety and trigger on his rifle, which unavoidably led to the death of his colleague.

The deceased, Sergeant 18166763 Issa Kamara had his head, chest and stomach perforated 26 times by the suspect.

Regional Police Media Officer, Inspector Foday M. Fofanah said on the advice of the State Counsel, they will charge the suspect on the count of murder contrary to law.

The rifle with a 30 rounds magazine is now in the custody of the Police investigators.

27 rounds were fired. 26 empty bullet shells were found by the police. The whereabouts of the last bullet shell is yet unknown.


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