With Distinctive Professionalism… Director General Musayeroh Barrie Leads SLCAA into an Era of Innovation and Growth

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By Amin Kef Sesay

Since President Dr. Julius Maada Bio officially appointed, Musayeroh Barrie, on August 29, 2023 to serve as the Director General of the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) it has been a completely different story for the country’s aviation sector as there is now seamless remarkable transformation taking place within that institution.

Her appointment was widely acclaimed the new Director General, Musayeroh Barrie, came with her over a decade of experience, having served with distinction at Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd, where she played a key role in ensuring the effective operation of airport security at the Freetown International Airport.

With a background enriched by academic prowess and practical experience, she brought to the table a unique blend of expertise, strategic insight and managerial acumen. Her illustrious career trajectory, coupled with a passion for aviation, put her in the stead to effectively navigate the complex landscape of civil aviation regulation and governance with finesse and proficiency.

As a matter of fact it was not a misnomer when the Head of Services for Westminster Group PLC, Joanna Fowler, expressed confidence in her ability to excel in her new role.

True to her ability, the new Director General wasted no time in leveraging her expertise and leadership to enhance Sierra Leone’s aviation landscape. Indisputably, one of her notable achievements was leading the SLCAA delegation to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Western and Central Africa Office in Dakar, Senegal, where she demonstrated Sierra Leone’s commitment to aviation excellence on the international stage.

Without exaggeration, under her stewardship, Sierra Leone has made significant strides in strengthening bilateral relations with Italy’s Civil Aviation Authority, led by President Pierlugu Umberto. That was evidenced by the signing of a historic Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) during President Umberto’s visit to Sierra Leone. The agreement, which was built upon initial discussions at the ICAN summit in Riyadh, laid the foundation for enhanced cooperation and the development of air transport links between the two nations.

As a matter of fact, during President Umberto’s visit, Musayeroh Barrie, facilitated discussions aimed at expanding bilateral ties and fostering socio-economic growth through aviation initiatives. The delegation’s engagements included meetings with high-ranking officials, highlighting Sierra Leone’s commitment to aviation advancement and collaboration.

In her capacity, she has so far demonstrated a proactive approach to consumer protection and regional cooperation. Such was evident at the 1st Workshop of Air Transport Consumer Protection Focal Persons in West African States, where she joined representatives from ECOWAS Member States to discuss the importance of safeguarding passenger rights and enhancing regulatory frameworks to promote a harmonized approach to air travel.

Significantly, another of her distinguished achievements included her unwavering commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. Recognizing safety as the cornerstone of a robust aviation ecosystem, she has instituted rigorous safety protocols, regulatory frameworks and oversight mechanisms to ensure the highest standards of safety and security in Sierra Leone’s airspace.

Her steadfast commitment to safety has not only enhanced the confidence of travelers and stakeholders but has also earned accolades from international regulatory bodies for adherence to global aviation standards.

As far as it is known, Musayeroh Barrie’s leadership extends beyond the realms of regulation and safety to encompass capacity building and human resource development within the aviation sector. Understanding the pivotal role of skilled manpower in driving innovation and growth, she has championed initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, fostering professional development and promoting gender diversity within the aviation workforce. Through mentorship programs, training initiatives and educational outreach, she has empowered aspiring aviators and aviation professionals, paving the way for a brighter future for the industry.

Other gains that the sector has realized, through her visionary leadership, included but are not limited to modernizing infrastructure, enhancing operational standards and fostering a culture of safety and compliance within the aviation sector. Through proactive initiatives and strategic partnerships, she has spearheaded efforts to bolster Sierra Leone’s aviation capabilities, positioning the country as a prominent player in the regional and global aviation arena.

It must be noted that her journey to the zenith of aviation leadership is marked by her profound dedication to excellence and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. With a background enriched by academic prowess and practical experience, she brought to the table a unique blend of expertise, strategic insight and managerial acumen.

Her illustrious career trajectory, coupled with a passion for aviation put her at a vantage positing as they largely equipped her with the tools to navigate the complex landscape of civil aviation.

With her combination of integrity, humility and servant leadership ethos, her approachable demeanor, collaborative spirit and penchant for inclusive decision-making, there is no doubt that Musayeroh Barrie’s leadership will continue to signify a new chapter of progress and excellence for Sierra Leone’s aviation sector.

Indeed, with her strategic vision and commitment to advancing the industry, the Director General of the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority, Musayeroh Barrie, is poised to steer SLCAA towards greater heights of success, contributing to the nation’s socio-economic development and global standing in the aviation arena.


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