With its Access & Energy Pass Card Now Available… NP (SL) Ensures Dependability Through Sustainable Business Practices

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Limited, Sierra Leone’s leading petroleum marketing company, has proven that highly believes in sustainability in its business transactions. This is more so when at this crucial moment, when there is a seemingly shortage of fuel in the country, it has proven that it is a highly dependable business partner.

This sustainability attribute, on the part of the company, is evident in the fact that only its Filling Stations are currently selling fuel across the country making it very endearing to the public.

Indeed, sustainability and enhancing customer care drive trust and instill confidence which NP-SL Ltd has proven beyond all reasonable doubts over the years.

In order to modernize fueling experiences and promote a cashless economy, the company recently unveiled the pilot phase of its Access and Energy Pass Card. This is an innovative device introduced with the aim to enhance access and efficiency in energy management systems while facilitating a seamless flow of petroleum products across the nation.

The NP Energy Pass Card, a user-friendly Smart Card, offers both online and offline usability coupled with high-security features to safeguard customer information. Notably, it provides instant SMS notifications after every transaction, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Customers can conveniently recharge their cards at designated stations or the Head Office and even reverse transactions if needed. Additionally, stringent security measures are in place, including One-Time Passwords (OTP) for password changes in case of blockage due to incorrect entries.

This initiative, aptly named “FUBU” (For Us, By Us), reflects NP’s commitment to embracing a cashless future and addressing challenges identified through stakeholder consultations. The Access and Energy Pass Card promises to usher in a new era of self-service convenience, eliminating the need for pump attendants and empowering customers to fuel their vehicles independently. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, it aims to meet the diverse needs of customers and Station Managers alike.

The Access and Energy Pass Card can be seamlessly integrated with customers’ mobile numbers, offering real-time transaction updates to empower users. It is highly beneficial for station owners, including streamlined financial operations with direct credits to their bank accounts for transactions made through the Access and Energy Pass Card.

With the pilot launch of the Access and Energy Pass Card, NP Sierra Leone is poised to lead a paradigm shift in the fuel industry, promising efficiency, transparency and unparalleled convenience.

The NP Access and Energy Pass Card can now be used at the following Filling Stations: NP Cotton Tree, NP Campbell Street, NP Brookfields, NP Pademba Road, NP Sander Street, NP Regent, NP Kissy Road, NP Blackhall Road, NP Motor Way, NP Deep-Eye Water, NP Aberdeen and NP Mambo.


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