Xi Jinping, Joe Biden Engage in Comprehensive Talks on China-US Relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden engaged in a substantial and wide-ranging discussion on Wednesday. The leaders delved into strategic and critical issues impacting China-U.S. relations, as well as global peace and development.

The meeting took place at the historic Filoli Estate, situated approximately 40 km south of San Francisco, California. Biden warmly welcomed Xi upon his arrival at the estate, setting the stage for a pivotal dialogue.

Xi emphasized the world’s unprecedented changes, offering two paths for China and the United States. One path promotes solidarity and cooperation, aiming to address global challenges, while the other clings to zero-sum thinking, potentially steering the world into turmoil. Stressing the importance of this choice for humanity’s future, Xi underscored the need to perceive and envision the China-U.S. relationship within this broader context.

The Chinese President highlighted that turning away from each other is not viable, urging against unrealistic attempts to remodel the other. He cautioned against conflict, emphasizing its detrimental consequences for both sides. Xi emphasized the importance of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation, drawing lessons from the historical conflicts among major nations.

Xi outlined China’s modernization and its significance, emphasizing that China’s development is driven by its own logic and dynamics. He clarified that China does not seek hegemony or export its ideology, urging the U.S. to avoid attempts to suppress or contain China.

The Chinese President stressed the importance of managing disagreements effectively and promoting beneficial cooperation between the two nations. He highlighted common interests in various sectors, advocating for utilizing mechanisms in foreign policy, economy, and technology to deepen cooperation.

Addressing people-to-people exchanges, Xi urged expanding tourism, educational collaboration, and reducing barriers to foster healthy relations. He also emphasized China’s principled position on the Taiwan issue, urging the U.S. to honor its commitment.

In response, Biden reiterated the U.S.’s commitment to avoid conflict, stating a stable China aligns with global interests. He reaffirmed the commitments made at the Bali summit and underscored the importance of mutual respect and cooperation.

Both leaders acknowledged the importance of respect, peaceful coexistence, open communication, and the UN Charter’s principles. They agreed to strengthen bilateral dialogue, resume military and climate talks, and enhance cultural and business exchanges.

Following the talks, Biden hosted a luncheon for Xi, further solidifying their engagement on international and regional matters. The meeting was constructive, charting a course for improved China-U.S. relations. The  leaders directed their teams to build upon the Bali understandings, aiming to implement the new vision agreed upon in San Francisco.


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