Young Woman From Sierra Leone Disappears Amidst Controversial Tradition

Patient Fatmata Sannoh
Patient Fatmata Sannoh

By Fatmata Jengbe

The sudden disappearance of one Patient Fatmata Sannoh, a young woman grappling with the weight of tradition, has left her family and community in a state of shock and concern. Patient’s family members are worried about her whereabouts, unsure of her safety and well-being, while also acknowledging her pursuit of safety and freedom.

Patient’s disappearance comes amidst a backdrop of controversy surrounding her reluctance to assume a traditional role within the bondo society, a secretive and ancient organization deeply entwined with Sierra Leonean customs and rituals. As the designated successor to her grandmother, the former head of the bondo society, Patient faced the daunting prospect of undergoing initiation rites that conflicted with her religious beliefs and her personal values.

The initiation rites of the bondo society, including the abhorrent practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), have long been a source of contention and concern for those within and outside the society. Patient’s aversion to these rituals and her desire to break free from the constraints of tradition have likely played a role in her disappearance, as she sought safety and freedom outside the reach of the bondo society’s influence.

While Patient’s family members are deeply worried about her sudden absence, they also express a degree of understanding and support for her decision to dissapear into thin air.

Despite their concerns, they prioritize Patient’s safety and well-being, hoping that she remains safe wherever she may be.

As the search for Patient continues and her family grapples with the uncertainty of her whereabouts, their message remains one of hope and longing for her safe return.

The disappearance of Patient Fatmata Sannoh serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities surrounding tradition, freedom, and the pursuit of a life unencumbered by the shadows of the past.

As the community waits with bated breath for any news or leads on Patient’s whereabouts, their hearts are filled with a mix of worry, hope, and a deep-seated desire for her safety and well-being.

Patient’s story shines a light on the challenges faced by those who dare to defy tradition in the pursuit of safety and freedom, sparking conversations and reflections on the intricate tapestry of culture, belief, and individual autonomy.

The fate of Patient Fatmata Sannoh remains unknown, but her story resonates far beyond the borders of her community, serving as a symbol of courage and resilience in the face of age-old customs and societal expectations.


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