Zulu Mandingo Trading Donates Food Items to Light of Islam Mosque

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By Abubakarr Harding

As part of her efforts towards seeking God’s blessings on Zulu Mandingo Trading & General Services ,owned by her husband, Mohamed Lamin Yahffa, Aminata Lamin Yahffa has on Friday 16th December, 2022, on behalf of her husband, donated food items worth millions of Leones to the Light of Islam Mosque on Robert Street in Freetown.

Handing over the donation, Aminata Lamin Yahffa disclosed that the company has been operating virtually from 2018 furthering that as the demand for their services increased and with more clients on a daily basis they decided to operate offline by opening an office on 125 Fourah Bay Road in Freetown.

She stated that they cannot operate offline if they don’t have the blessings of God maintaining that the Light of Islam Mosque was the actual mosque that her husband used to pray before travelling to China and for that reason she deemed it fit to ask for the blessings of God from there.

She continued by naming the food items worth millions of Leones as comprising of fifty buddle of packet water, 10 bags of rice, two bags of onions and ten crates of soft drinks which should be distributed among the congregation within the Mosque .

Aminata Lamin Yahffa ended by saying that the company will start its operation in Sierra Leone on the 30TH December revealing how they have already started operations in Ghana, Botswana and has already registered in China.

Receiving the donation, Alhaji Musa Ibrahim Yillah, the Chief Imam of Light of Islam Mosque thanked Mohamed Lamin Yahffa for thinking of them and showing his loyalty to the mosque with the donated food items.

He expressed appreciation stating that the items will be distributed accordingly.  The Imam stated that Mohamed Lamin Yahffa and his family were members of the mosque before he travelled to China and moved with his family to another community.

Alhaji Musa Ibrahim Yillah disclosed that before Mohamed Lamin Yahffa travelled to China he was one of his disciples and that he was always focused and relentless.

Before the Quranic recitation, he said one of the cardinal rules of any business that is grounded in Islam is transparency stressing that the company most ensure to maintain transparency.




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