13 Ferry Crossing Points to be Replaced with Bridges by Government


By Foday Moriba Conteh

Jacob Jusu Saffa, Minister of Finance, has assured Sierra Leoneans that Government will replace all the thirteen ferry-crossing points in the country with modern bridges.

Jacob Jusu Saffa, Minister of Finance

He made that disclosure recently when he was addressing contractors and other stakeholders in road infrastructure.

The local ferries, which are found at strategic rivers crossing points in the provinces, have been operating without engines for decades now. The ferries are pulled by some ‘strong’ men who are employed by Sierra Leone Road Authority (SLRA).

He said there are thirteen ferry crossings in the country and Government has secured funding for seven of them for now and they are going to ensure that they secure funding for the remaining.

He said these ferry-crossing points include Senehun Ferry in Mattru Jong, Sumbuya Ferry in Bo District, Mano Ferry in Kailahun, Sanda Magbolontor Ferry in Port Loko, Kabba Ferry in Kamakwie, Kambarri Ferry in Yeli among others.

He said work on the seven that they have already secured fund for will start in March 2021, noting that the consultant that won the contract could not come because of the outbreak of COVID-19 that led to the suspension of flights.

“Now that the airport has opened we are expecting the consultant in-country,” he said.

“This is to emphasize that this Government, while we are fighting the Corona Virus, while we are giving safety net to hotel workers, while we are strengthening the health systems, while we are improving spending on electricity by providing electricity at the district level, we are still allocating huge fund towards road infrastructure,” he said.

He maintained that this is the year of delivery for this administration.




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