40 RSLAF Officers Complete Training with US Army

The newly appointed U.S. Ambassador, Bryan Hunt, has on the 12th September,2023 extended his congratulations to 40 meticulously selected officers of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) who successfully completed their training alongside the United States Army Security Force Assistance Brigade.

These RSLAF officers, ranging in rank from Private to Warrant Officer 1, recently concluded their training with the United States Army, marking a significant milestone in the United States’ commitment to collaborative military training, sharing best practices, and fostering sustainable operations.

During the intensive six-week training program, U.S. military advisors imparted knowledge on professional education programming, career management best practices, and a foundational understanding of current battle courses. This comprehensive training is strategically equipping RSLAF Soldiers for future missions aligned with the priorities set by the RSLAF leadership, particularly in the development of non-commissioned officers.

Ambassador Hunt emphasized the enduring partnership that has existed

since 2002, underscoring its significance in strengthening the bond between the United States and Sierra Leone. He stated, “This partnership reflects the longstanding friendship between the United States and Sierra Leone and underscores the importance we both place on professional education and development within our armed forces.”

The U.S. Army Security Force Assistance Brigade responsible for facilitating this training is part of a global program that specializes in providing tactical, operational, and strategic training to military partners worldwide. Since July 2023, the 2nd SFAB’s Maneuver Company Advisor Team 2120 has been actively engaged in Sierra Leone.

Leveraging United States Army doctrinal practices to complement RSLAF’s own doctrines, the advisors and partners have worked collaboratively to identify commonalities and differences in doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures, with a particular focus on training management and the cultivation of non-commissioned officers.

This joint effort between the United States and Sierra Leone represents a significant step toward enhancing the capabilities of the RSLAF and further solidifying the enduring partnership between the two nations.

It underscores the commitment of both countries to promoting professionalism and excellence within their armed forces, ultimately contributing to regional security and stability.


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