50 Golden Dragon Buses to Arrive

On April 10, 2019, a grand ceremony was held in Xiamen to mark the delivery of 50 Golden Dragon buses to Sierra Leone. The 50 buses, including 15 units of 7-meter city buses, 25 units of 8-meter city buses and 10 units of 9-meter city buses, are equipped with advanced technologies and more customized features, fully meeting the local operation requirements.
Sadiq Silla, Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation, Paul Tucker, Deputy General Manager of Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation, Huang Chun, President of Fujian Automobile Industry Group, Qiu Zhixiang, King Long Moror Group, Peng Dongqing, Xiamen Golden Dragon Van Co., Ltd., together with a number of other distinguished guests witnessed the historic ceremony.
According to Golden Dragon, it signed a sales agreement of 200 buses with Sierra Leone in Xiamen in late August, 2018, just a few days before China-Africa Cooperation Forum.
After the delivery of the first batch of 50 buses, the rest of 150 units Golden Dragon buses will soon be delivered to the country for operation. After their arrival in Sierra Leone, they will be put into operation in Freetown.
Powered by diesel engines, the 50 Golden Dragon buses are equipped with advanced transmission gearboxes and front and rear axles. During the designing and manufacturing process, the bus maker took Freetown’s road and weather conditions into full consideration, such as optimizing the vehicles’ structures, increasing their chassis height, improving their anti-corrosive performance, etc.
In addition, a number of travel amenities are available on board, providing more travel comforts for passengers.
To ensure the smooth operation of all Golden Dragon buses, the bus maker will send a team of service engineers to Sierra Leone to provide training sessions and after-sales services for the local bus operator.


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