A New Era in Gov’t Communication… The Impactful Leadership of Minister Chernor Bah

It must be made clear that this piece is far from giving praise where it is not due but rather an objective appraisal of the revolutionary trajectory that Government Communication has taken as seen in recent times devoid of outright propaganda aimed at hoodwinking the general public with the presentation of facts in the sincerest of manner.

Worthy of note is that in an age where effective communication is paramount, Governments worldwide grapple with the challenges of navigating an interconnected world marked by a constant flow of information and the pervasive threat of fake news. Sierra Leone, however, stands out as a beacon of change and efficacy in Government communication under the leadership of Minister Chernor Bah, who was appointed by President Bio.

Innovative Approach Redefining Government Communication:

President Bio’s discerning choice of Chernor Bah, a globally renowned public speaker and human rights activist, as the Minister of Information and Civic Education, signaled a shift in Sierra Leone’s communication landscape. Recognizing the need for proactive strategies, Bah’s tenure has marked a departure from reactive communication, aligning seamlessly with President Bio’s ‘Big 5’ agenda.

In less than six months, Bah has revolutionized Sierra Leone’s Government communication. A key initiative has been the introduction of Weekly Press Conferences, providing a direct platform for key Government officials to engage in transparent and timely conversations with the nation. This proactive approach ensures that the Government’s perspective is communicated clearly, countering misinformation.

Commitment to Clear Communication

Bah’s commitment to constant and clear communication is evident in the increased issuance of public notices, ranging from one to five per day. These notices serve to keep the public well-informed about ongoing developments and policies, thereby mitigating the spread of rumors and misinformation.

The Ministry’s Social Media Platforms, under Bah’s guidance, have become the most reliable source of information. His measured communication style has earned him the moniker of the ‘Golden Voice’ of Sierra Leone, providing a trustworthy source amid a climate often plagued by misinformation.

An Oasis of Stability in Turbulent Times:

Chernor Bah’s leadership during challenging times, such as the failed coup attempt of November 26th, 2023, has showcased his ability to handle complex and sensitive issues with sincerity and efficiency. His honesty and clear communication have positioned him as an oasis of stability, establishing him as the most trusted voice on critical national issues.

What sets Bah apart is not just the frequency but also the nature of his communication. His calm and composed manner in addressing issues has fostered an atmosphere of trust and reliability in Government announcements, resonating well with the public.

Legacy and Future of Chernor Bah’s Communication Strategy:

Chernor Bah’s tenure as Minister of Information and Civic Education has left an indelible mark on Sierra Leone’s Government communication. His innovative strategies and calm demeanor have not only enhanced the credibility of the Government’s communication but have also set a high standard for future endeavors in this field.

As Chernor Bah continues to lead with vintage expertise, he stands as a pillar in the Bio administration, embodying the President’s impeccable judgment. His legacy, already significant, continues to unfold, positioning him as a young leader who has mastered every challenge in his path and distinguished himself not only in Sierra Leone but as a notable figure in Government communication across Africa.


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