Clerk of Parliament & Wife in Big Corruption Scandal

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a shocking turn of events, the Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Paran Tarawally, and his wife, Abibatu Paran Tarawally, find themselves under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over alleged corruption, prompting calls for their dismissal and legal action.

The controversy began when Social Media erupted with allegations of impropriety surrounding Abibatu Paran Tarawally’s employment as the Parliamentary Human Resources Officer. The ACC, taking cognizance of the public outcry, decided to intervene and initiated an investigation into the matter. Both Hon. Paran Tarawally and his wife were subsequently invited for questioning and placed on bail, contingent upon their regular reporting to the Commission.

During the ACC’s ongoing investigation, it was revealed that Abibatu Paran Tarawally, who allegedly never showed up for work, agreed to repay the salary she received since her appointment. The Commission confirmed that approximately ninety percent of the funds have been recovered, signaling a development in the case.

Abibatu Paran Tarawally’s appointment, allegedly orchestrated by her husband, raised eyebrows as she reportedly continued to receive a gross salary of Le31,735,839 (Old Leone) along with medical, rent, and utility allowances, despite her apparent absence from the workplace.

The controversy surrounding the Clerk’s wife comes amid a larger investigation by the Parliamentary Commission, which recently established a committee to probe the dismissal of over one hundred staff. This move triggered public outrage and led to leaks about the questionable hiring practices involving the Clerk’s spouse.

In response to mounting pressure, the Clerk of Parliament issued a Public Notice on January 5th, 2024, seeking to address concerns and requesting the formation of a Special Committee to independently investigate the matter. The aim is to ensure transparency and a comprehensive examination of the circumstances surrounding Abibatu Paran Tarawally’s employment.

Critics argue that the Clerk’s involvement in his wife’s hiring raises concerns of a conflict of interest, with the timing of events adding to skepticism and intensifying public scrutiny on parliamentary affairs.

As the investigations unfold, the public eagerly awaits the findings of the Special Committee tasked with scrutinizing the employment of the Clerk’s wife. This case not only spotlights potential corruption within the parliamentary system but also raises broader questions about accountability, transparency, and ethical practices within public institutions.

It is crucial to underscore the need for robust oversight mechanisms and accountability measures to uphold public trust. Speculation abounds regarding the far-reaching implications of the investigations on the perception of parliamentary integrity, with potential ramifications serving as a catalyst for reforms within the institution.

A prevailing sentiment suggests that if found guilty, Paran must face consequences, including termination from his position and legal repercussions. The unfolding drama serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining integrity and accountability within public institutions.


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