Abdul Aziz Bangura Escapes Death at Hands of Security Forces

Over August 10th Riot...

According to reports from Wellington, eastern Freetown, a young man going by the name of Abdul Aziz Bangura has been declared wanted by the police on allegations of involvement in the riot of August 10 2022, and narrowly escaped capture.

Our Investigation reveal that Abdul Aziz Bangura is the son of a popular member of the main opposition party APC, and known for gangsterism. Thus, when the said riot was quelled by the police, he is alleged to have been among the protesters, and possibly be involved in the attacks on police officers and some police stations in that part of the city.

Abdul Aziz Bangura resides at the slum community of Kroo Bay in central Freetown, but his father resides at the eastern community of Wellington in Freetown. Family members say that he had left early in the morning of the planned demonstration to see his father. While in Wellington, he witnessed the firing that ensued during the protest, but was not part of the demonstration.

However, with the death of several police officers, believed to have been killed by some unknown angry protesters in revenge for the shooting dead of some 30 civilians by the police.

In an address by the President on national radio, he laid the blame solely on the main opposition party APC, describing them as terrorists. And inspiring bad influence to youth by listening and share a popular political inciter called ‘Adebayor’ audio messages on WhatsApp which the president gives a ban to it. This description resulted in ruling party youths in the company of security forces, storming residences of known opposition party members and sympathizers, breaking down doors and shooting dead occupants. Against this backdrop, many supporters and party operatives of the opposition party went into hiding. Those who were unable to escape were either gunned down or arrested and taken to unknown locations.

Abdul Aziz Bangura father, Osman Panda Bangura was said to have been shot down when the security forces stormed the house in Wellington. Sources in the area confirmed that armed security officers raided the community, putting many residents at gun point and check everybody phones especially those involved in sharing deceitful messages from ‘Adebayor’, asking after Osman Panda Bangura and his son. They furthered that Abdul Aziz Bangura and his father were not part of the demonstration, as they were seen at home, but since the father is a known member of the main opposition party, he became a target and was shoot down. They confirmed seeing Abdul Aziz being chased by ruling party youths, but could not tell whether he escaped or not, as a curfew was declared and security forces were parading the streets.

As we go to press the whereabouts of Abdul Aziz Bangura or his dead father corpse are yet to be seen. Meanwhile, the police have declared Abdul Aziz Bangura wanted and added to the list of wanted people


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