Aberdeen/Lumley Beach loses its Value

With Citizens Calling for restoration of Sanity…

Although the present SLPP led Government under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio has expressed its intention to bring some amount of sanity vis-à-vis the abysmal state of our beaches, especially the Lumley /Aberdeen beach, it will however take a dogged political will to translate that into reality. It can be no gainsay to state that this country can proudly boast of having fine beaches which if properly controlled and developed have the potential of serving as magnetic forces for increased number of tourists to visit the country.
Of course most are aware of the co-relationship between an enhanced tourism sector and rapid economic development when cognizance is taken of the fact that tourism is a major source of deriving foreign exchange or currencies which can swell Government’s revenue base. One can only suggest that serious attention must be paid to enhancing it so that much could be realized from what it offers.
Lamentably though, the insanity, unrestrained and haphazardness that have all become features of the Lumley/ Aberdeen beach paints a negative picture of an issue that is nothing good to write home about and therefore necessitates swift action to be instituted in order to restore sanity and decorum.
It is no secret that the increased number of entertainment spots on both sides of the beach has contributed greatly into making it lose its initial beauty and depriving those who go there for relaxation and recreation not to get the best out there with regards enjoying the naturalness of the beach which should have turned out to be a very attractive place worth frequenting especially over the weekends.

Some have been bitterly complaining that visiting that beach now is no longer attractive as they can hardly get a clearer view of the sea and the incoming waves. “In order for the current SLPP Government not to be prevented from doing the right thing for the beach to reclaim its past glory it should not heed to any hue and cry as it happened when the APC Government headed by Ex-President Ernest Koroma embarked on a drive to demolish all structures along the beachfront,” Abu Tarawallie admonished adding that this not a matter of politics but rather development.

It is really disheartening that today most entertainment structures are being erected along the beachfront, effectively blocking the view of the Atlantic Ocean from visitors and patronisers of the beach resort.
Of course it came as welcome news when this new Government disclosed that it will restore sanity by ensuring that all entertainment spots are located on one side of the beach, leaving the other side of the beach facing the sea vacant for the attraction of tourists.

Expressing her view, Marie Turay, who intimated that she is a beach lover and frequent visitor had this to say : “We need to borrow a leaf from The Gambia where tourism has been highly developed providing much needed revenue and employment for young people.”

There is a particular school of thought that have expressed the convincing argument that with the positive strides that the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, under the leadership of Minister Dr. Memunatu Pratt, is taking together with the National Tourist Board to revamp tourism in the country there is no doubt that if appropriate actions are taken then definitely the country will witness a turnaround in terms of realizing much from that sector with regards increased revenue mobilization.


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