ACC Trains Recruited NMA Staff on Upholding Ethics & Integrity

Francis Ben Kaifala

The Anti- Corruption Commission on Monday 4th March 2017 provided training for newly recruited staff of National Minerals Agency (NMA) at the Ministry of Mineral Resource Conference Room, Yoyui Building Brookfield. The training was based on upholding Ethics and Integrity in the work place.
In his opening statement Mohamed Bah, Chief Supervisor of Mines said they decided to call on the ACC to train the targeted beneficiaries on the above subject matter in order for them to understand more about corruption and how it can destroy a nation. “As a transparent institution we want to go along with the President’s agenda in the fight against corruption and indiscipline,” he maintained adding that the mineral sector is key in developing the country.
In his presentation Musa Kanteh of the ACC said Ethic and Integrity issues are those that have to do with morality in the work place as well as code of conduct.
He stated that fraud, stealing, deception, bribery which include demanding /offering, abuse of power are all issues of immorality and form parts of corruption.
Highlighting some of the underlying reasons, Musa Kanteh noted that unethical, improper moral conduct could be as a result of financial gains, lack of ethical values, influence of one’s immediate supervisor, poor supervising and monitoring, lack of a solid system of control/ laid down standards and procedures which may lead to discrepancies .
On the issue of gift he stated that no public officer or State employee should receive, accept seek or solicit directly or indirectly, anything of economic value as a gift or gratuity from a person if it is reasonably expected that the gift gratuity or favor would influence decision, votes, judgment or action.
He ended by saying sometimes giving a gift could be considered as a corruption in the public sector but also classed as a Corporate Social Responsibility in the private sector.


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