Activist Jacque Rahall reported missing since August 14

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By Hassan Koroma

The younger brother of one activist Jacque Rahall has told the Calabash Newspaper that his younger brother had gone missing since August 14, 2022.
Jessie Rahall said his elder brother was in the company of one Hassan S. Dumbuya aka Evangelist Samson who was raided and shot dead in Makeni City, Northern part of Sierra Leone. Many who were in company with Evangelist Samson were arrested.

It is not clear how Activist Jacque Rahall went missing or what happened to him during the raid. He was one of the activists working with deceased Hassan S. Dumbuya, fighting for their right and the rights of the people of Makeni City in Bombali District.

“When I got the information that, Evangelist Samson has been shot dead by the police, I immediately try to reach out to my brother on his phone, his phone rang endlessly, but he did not pick. I tried to call him again after ten minutes, at the time, his phone had been switched off,” he said.

He said he later called one of his friends who is a relative to the deceased Evangelist Samson who confirmed to him that, indeed Evangelist Samson had been shot dead and that he believe his younger brother was among the other that were arrested.
“I was afraid of being arrested if I go to the police station in search of my brother so, I called a police officer friend to check of my brother was among the arrested people, but he later called and informed me that she did not see my brother among the arrested persons,” he said.

He said he later placed calls to relative and close friends to know if his brother had gone to seek refuge to any of them, but all of them said they have not seen him, noting that he later visited the police station himself to confirm that his brother was not among those arrested.

He said when he went to the police station, he almost got arrested for the sake of his brother and was threatened to disclose the whereabouts of his brother or he will be locked up in the police cell but he told the police that he was at the station in search of his brother either.

He further told this medium that, since the 14 of August he had not heard from his brother nor has he got any information about Jacque Rahall whereabouts.
However, the Sierra Leone Police Force in a press release dated 15th August 2022 signed by the Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu stated that during the crossfire, one Hassan S. Dumbuya aka Evangelist Samson was killed and four others were arrested in Makeni City.

The Police press statement stated thus: “The Sierra Leone Police wishes to inform the public that following the insurrection by misguided individuals on the 10th of August 2022 resulting in destruction of properties and loss of lives in the affected areas, the security forces have been conducting raids in hideouts for perpetrators of the said insurrection.

Targeted areas in Freetown were successfully raided and suspects arrested were handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters at Pademba Road in Freetown for thorough investigations. In order to prevent any other insurrection, similar raids were extended to towns and cities in the provinces including Makeni, Magburaka and Kamakwie.

Acting on intelligence, the security forces were successful in their raids of several hideouts in Makeni where suspects arrested were handed over to the Police for investigations.
However, when Security forces acting on intelligence on the 14th of August 2022 stormed a place where ex-combatants had assembled poised to make further attacks, they took to their heels. While they were being pursued by the security forces, another group from a makeshift structure at Station Road in Makeni opened fire on them. During the cross fire, one Hassan S. Dumbuya aka Evangelist Samson was killed and four others were arrested.

Those arrested are now helping the Police with investigation. One (1) light sub machine gun 9x26mm was found at the scene of the incident (Makeshift structure). The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is hereby ordering all those declared wanted to surrender to the nearest Police Station or post.

The SLP is also appealing to the general public to give the Police any useful information that can lead to the arrest of those perpetrators who are now at large on number 119 While the security forces will continue to pursue the perpetrators of the insurrection for them to be investigated and prosecuted in court, the general public is assured of their safety and security.”


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